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Widget of Properties

This is a widget showing selected properties from our website. Can be integrated in your website or blog.
Just copy the following code and paste it.

Select the properties

You can select several configuration settings or just select featured or labeled properties. You can see the results while you are configuring your options.
Once it is adapted, copy and paste the HTML code you will find below in your website or blog.

Customize to fit your website style

You can change the aspect and functionality of the widget so it fits your website or blog.

Copy the following code and paste in your website

<div><a href="" title=""><img src="//" alt=""></a><br/><script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script><a href="" title="Apartments and houses in Spain">Apartments and houses in Spain</a></div>

Only your properties

And if your publish your properties you can select to only include your properties. Log into your private publishing area and click on the new section Widget of Properties, there you will find your customizable widget.