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Garages and storerooms to rent in Spain Long-Term

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80 €/month
13.33 €/
6 m2
Every day you get home after having walked with the bikes you have the same feeling ... I lack space, how uncomfortable it is to put the bikes in the elevator, how careful you have to be not to stain any wall with the wheels room looks like a den with helmets, saddlebags ... and how difficult to enjoy the terrace ... I need a place with easy access, spacious, well lit, ventilated and cool. That I have an alarm to feel safe and, incidentally, that it allows me to carry some more things so that I can have the house more clear and pleasant. Without a doubt being able to return to have coffee on the terrace is going to be great. And if I think about the stock that I need in my business ... I do not fit in my premises ... I need storage space !! The storage rooms of Dr Giménez Canga Argüelles are just what I'm looking for! With an unbeatable location and brand new. From three to seven square meters. Lights that are turned on by motion sensor. Mechanical ventilation with individual outlet
Ref: 3230-02186
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80 €/month
6.67 €/
12 m2
Comfortable garage in the heart of Alicante! This comfortable and spacious garage is located in the center of the city! Its large security door and its width are ideal to give the best care to your car. It is a single plant. The entry and exit maneuvers are very comfortable and it is in excellent maintenance condition. Do not stop visiting it!
Ref: 3009-30797
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65 €/month
4.33 €/
Centro - Mercado Grande
15 m2
The publisher did not included any description
Ref: 698
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50 €/month
3.33 €/
Olula Del Rio
15 m2
Car garage in Olula del Río. A parking garage is located on the Avenida Almanzora, the main avenue of Olula del Rio. The basement, where are located the parking garage is in perfect condition as it is brand new. There are more than 30 parking spaces to choose from, including a range of prices from 50 euros. If you´re looking for a garage, well located in a wonderful area of Olula del Rio, this is yours. Come and see it, you´ll like it.
Ref: 1589-6042-AL
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60 €/month
3.75 €/
16 m2
Rent of parking space and storage room in the ´Urbanization El Rocío´ in the village of ´La Alfoquía´ - Zurgena. The parking space is very spacious and convenient for parking. It has about 16 m2. The tratero has an area of ??about 6 m2.
Ref: 1336-5828-AL
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Statistics and prices of garages and storerooms to rent in Spain

Most expensive areas: Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Galicia

Prices are going down in the areas: Galicia, Balearic Islands, Catalonia.

Prices are going down in this area.

Average price in this area: 1,190 €/month

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