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Calle Dr. Teixeiro, 18 1º l
15701 Santiago de Compostela
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Since October 2019
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Services that you may be interested in and that we make available to you TOTAL HOME Real Estate Styling - Home Staging (Real Estate Marketing Technique): By applying a series of techniques we manage to make the most of the potential to your home (for sale or rent) so that you spend less time in the market and thus get as much profitability as possible. Real Estate Services (Buy - Sale - Rental): You can leave your properties for us to take care of or if you already have a buyer or a tenant we can help you with the management of the rental / sale, offering you the best advice, so that your operation is a success (request documentation necessary, accompaniment to the notary, or any other necessary management) Estate Management Why is an estate manager recommended? Although according to article 13 of the Horizontal Property Law 49/1960 – as amended by Law 8/1999 – does not require the hiring of a Farm Manager, the truth is that having a person outside the community of neighbors is in charge and responsible for the management and administration of the tasks of the farm, as well as, mediating the inevitable differences that may arise between the neighbors, is usually a good idea Preparation and Management of Holiday Rental Housing: We advise you on the regulations for vacation rental homes and we condition it to attract a greater number of customers. Real Estate Photography: The trend is that they find us on the web and the first thing they see is an image. A good photograph will make them decide for your property. Energy efficiency certificates We also offer the following services: - Cleaning. - Small repairs, electricity, plumbing, locksmithing, painting, carpentry, etc. - Cleaning of outdoor spaces, terraces and gardening. - Reforms Ask for your budget without obligation.