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Imperial Luxury Properties
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Paseo de Gracia 123 3º 2ª
08008 Barcelona
Since March 2016
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About Imperial Luxury Properties

Personalized service, high professionalism and confidentiality are our values to guarantee an excellent result delivery that goes beyond the simple adquisition of the property. If you are a customer of Imperial Luxury Properties, you can just relax and prepare to enjoy one of the best experiences of your life: purchising your dream.

You will not have to worry about anything because it is our work to provide you the best assesment in any area related to Real Estate transactions. In Imperial Luxury Properties we also offer our consultancy services of high prepared professionals in areas of tax, law, assesment in education, medicine, business development in Spain and other issues related to your specific needs.

We understand perfectly the needs of foreign customers and the importance of purchasing a property in a country different from your native one. Besides, you might be thinking about inmigration, raising up your children in Spain, starting a new business or adquisition of the existing one. All these types of decisions will be the most important for you and your family in the next periode of your lives. We know it because we have passed by the same situations, problems and inconvenients. We have found the solutions for ourselves and then provided our profesional services to a lot of foreign customers, already clients of our company. Our clients say that they choose us between many other Reat Estate companies because of our personal dedication and tranquility they recieve before, during and after the transaction.

With years of experience in the Spanish Real Estate market and customers’ international markets, our team of professionals has a multilingual profile and service oriented.

In Imperial Luxury Properties we have the best local properties and a very deep knowledge of local market. However, we travel abroad often in search of best practices. We participate in international shows and establish partnerships with our counterparts representatives outside of Spain. We have already established a strong sales network in Russia and firming up the Chinese market is our next step to be done this year.

If you trust us your dream, we will make it real.