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FiveStar Property Finders
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Avenida Jaime I, 55
46192 Monserrat
Opening Hours:
Since September 2019
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About FiveStar Property Finders

Five Star Property Finders is a newly established company in the Summer of 2017, through the need to find properties for investors in Spain. For social and political reasons the property market in Spain has always been attractive to the foreign investor, even though, through the years the profile of such investors has changed and the requirements for properties in Spain have become more specific and with a demand for higher standards of quality, for guarantees and for trustworthy returns on investments.

Our mission is based on a partnership with established wealth advisors in England and around Europe to ensure that their clients have a trusted contact abroad, specialised in finding the right investment in the area they prefer. Sometimes a client may not be clear on the area or the type of investment and our work may involve offering prospects of a new venture that can offer variable possibilities.

We work to ensure a close relationship with our clients, not only to help them find the right investment property but also to make sure all doubts and questions are resolved and dealt with with the utmost confidentiality. We understand that this works both ways and for this reason we only take on properties that are off market sales and are on sale on exclusive contracts. This guarantees discrete and faster transactions for the investor and vendor but also saves time in negotiations and documentation.

As finders we seek to obtain the most amount of legal information on each investment property and for this reason we collaborate with property lawyers that take it upon themselves to protect our clients and our company. The work we carry out is exhaustive and we will work on the time frame our client desires. Our finder’s fee ensures that our work is exclusive and bespoke for our client, above all it’s a one time fee no matter how long it takes or how many investments our clients desires to make.