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Domus Costa Blanca S.L
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C/Juan XXIII, 9 Bajo
3724 Moraira
Since April 2018
Domus Costa Blanca S.L
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Domus Costa Blanca S.L. is an international company focused on property design, development and sale with many years of experience and management both in German and Spanish. The company is based in the centre of Moraira on the “Costa Blanca” and if it’s a luxury villa with stunning views that you are looking for then this is the place to go. Their skilled team speak many different languages including Spanish, German, Dutch, English and French and will assist in finding the perfect home. Regardless, of whether you are looking for a second hand property, one that is newly built or a design of your own, this company will make sure that the home you choose feels like right.

Why not come by and visit these remarkable villas to get a first-hand look at the outstanding end product and the materials employed. To assist with the interior, the company offers a designer which will aid you in anything you need including the most detailed of choices such as selecting fine art for you home produced by local artists. Please visit the website to the view the selection of works from interior design to architecture.

However, if you choose to model your own home then the company’s architect will assist and supervise the project to ensure your dreams are made a reality.

Naturally, when choosing your new home they will be there to support you in matters such as: the initial stages of getting financial backing to signing the contract, choosing materials if you are looking to build your own home or showing you ready made properties that best suit your requirements and finally anything you made need when purchasing a second hand home.

To help you maintain your new home they offer an array of different services for you to choose from if you so wish:

· Gardeners

· Cleaning and maintenance services

· Pool cleaners

· Renting agencies

Domus Costa Blanca S.L. is noted for its quality designs and professionalism:

· International team (German, Spanish, English, French, Russian)

· Their own construction group

· An architect

· An interior designer

· Boasts of impeccable standards

· Equipped with the most up-to-date facilities within the villas: Home automation and security, surround sound, underfloor heating,electrolysis, acclimatized swimming pools but also with automatic covering andcountercurrents, massage water beds, landscaping,etc.

Come and visit the company’s office in the centre of Moraira, in the pedestrianized district ofDr.Caltayud, nº. 19 lower ground. Here you will be able to have a read through the catalogues or have a look digitally at the selection of homes they offer: second hand, details of the construction, luxury villas, plans for new builds or even a virtual tour of a newly built villa.
It is simple; with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine they can offer you their knowledge in finding the perfect home. The company would of course love to meet you and have you on their events list for a “vernissage” or wine tasting.