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Canario Oriental Real Estate
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Calle La Gomera 2 Calle B, Nº18
35660 La Oliva
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Since April 2018
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​Delivering the perfect residential cocktail combination of modern and ancient architectural influences, mixing Canarian,
Berber, Oriental, ancient Rome and High Desert architectural indoor and outdoor residential living in the Canary Islands.
We want to make sure that each and every one of our customers feels, lives and enjoys his retreat resort
in one of the most attractive weathers in the world.

Canario Oriental Home Designs reinvents the way of living your retreat, an original alternative, a spirit of freedom and openness, privileging the light while keeping the intimacy and the confortable temperatures of the Canary Islands. Its living room, kitchen and outdoor dining areas allows you to enjoy all the daily activities in a freedomly way without leaving your home. A unique and exclusive outdoor space, representing the heart of the house, the forum of the property, a living space shared in the open, surrounded by the house itself, most parts of the house having access to the same and unique space. Its innovative concept and sleek, minimalist and very luminous style, allows a functional configuration favoring comfort, sobriety and simplicity of use. All of our models are adjustable according to plot dimensions, shapes and customer liking and budgets.

All the 3D images in this site are the largest versions of the project and will be reviewed and redesigned by our architect accordingly.
Our projects does not include the plot, if you need help to find a plot for one of our projects feel free to contact us.