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Real estate in Zona Puerto Deportivo, Fuengirola (district)

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Our roots are in the Costa de Sol but originally from Northern Europe… so let’s combine the best of both: loving the costa but dealing with the Northern business mentality. Operating between Malaga and Marbella, we offer a large variety of services shown as a standard. Having this said, we personalize each property individually.
How does it work?.
Per property, we create a report according to the owners expectation. This report has check-boxes and space for notes in case we have to report something by written including photo or video if necessary. After each visit, this report is shared with the owner per e-mail.
The keys that are managed by us, are safely secured in a safe box in a location only known by the owners.
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We are professionals and we work to offer the best services to find quickly your housing, country property or any property you want to buy or rent.
With its long experience and knowledge, has been able to create a unique company that combines two virtues: high technology organization and personal attention.
Building Group has an internal structure perfectly prepared to offer solutions that customers are waiting. To make it happen, every requirement, detail or circumstance always get the best deal.
Within our wide properties portfolio you can find all types of real estate: Property under construction.
Properties for sale brand new and refurbished.
Properties to rent for long term.
Apartments, houses, chalets and villas for holiday rent.
Luxury properties for sale or rent.
Investment property in our area.
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Make us your offer !!!!specialized equipment aand value your proposal and will propose to our clients to ensure an operation clean and clear, pioneer in company with 3 fuengirola and offices in the city with all departments need. Counseling department legal, business and marketing, we are specialists for sale and rent in all the costa del sol de: apartamen.
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We are an agency founded in 1989 as a different concept, based on the fusion of real estate and financial services.
Since then we have developed businesses in the national and international real estate market, both in the marketing, consulting and real estate development sectors.
At present we are in a stage of new development, activity for which we have reinvented ourselves, with the aim of continuing to the forefront of the sector in Spain.
Our mission is to offer the public the most complete attention in relation to the purchase, sale or real estate lease. To do this we put at your disposal an extraordinary professional team specialized in your area, highly qualified and trained throughout the real estate purchase and sale process.
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