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Real estate in Zona Pueblo, L'Eliana (district)

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VALENCIA HOME LUXURY represents a safe value in the marketing of real estate in Valencia.
We are aware that buying a property sale can raise certain questions, and it is always a big step. To serve you, 4 passionate real estate markets join forces around this common desire, with a Spanish-Franco-Belgian alliance, under their experience in the real estate sector in several countries.
We are committed to meeting each of your requirements, through personalized services, providing you with valuable information, in particular on banking, legal, notary and tax matters.
Your absolute satisfaction is our priority.
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We are a real estate agency specializing in the rental and sale of properties located in towns and residential areas near the city of Valencia (Paterna, Betera, San Antonio de Benageber, L'Eliana, etc. ), a large residential area with all services and very good road and public transport. Please contact us if you are looking for your future home in this area.
Julia Miguel Echeverria, Realtor, offers services to help you find your future home near the city of Valencia. After more than twenty years living in this great residential area recommends it to everyone who wants to live enjoying the tranquility, with large green areas, good services and communications and minutes from the city, so too can enjoy what is offered in As for services and leisure.
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In novaeliana opt for a different way of interpreting the real estate business. We in the business from a global and inclusive of all its activities, apart from the traditional view that housing activity decreases to a mere intermediary.
Jonás Lagos López.
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