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Assesment in Spain

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ELITE Property Valuations is part of ELITE Inmobiliaria, an agency with over 36 years experience in real estate in Spain. Fred van Krimpen is a VALUER of Spanish property, certified by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Juridical Expert for real estate.
We value, inter alia: to determine the realistic value when buying or selling; to obtain financing from a non Spanish bank or lender, divorce cases, for courts and also for reinvestment or tax issues.
If you want a property on the Costa del Sol to be valued, please contact us.
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Spanish company appraiser of real estate and properties. We are dedicated to real estate for more than 10 years with the illusion of satisfying our clients on a daily basis.
Not only do we value but also keep you abreast of all the changes that may occur in the value regulation is by them that we offer advice without compromise.
Among our services we want to emphasize the appraisals of real estate as a specialized company in this: documentation and utility they can have for your property.
In addition we specialize as real estate judicial experts for cases of separation of assets, liquidations of companies and inheritances, among others.
Valuations: industrial warehouses, rustic estates, houses, judicial, solar, expert witness.
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Staff professional auctioneers in three fields:.
LAW EXPERTS: Expert reports for different professional fields.
AUCTIONEERS APPRAISERS: Valuation and evaluation of all types of real estate for separation of inheritance, contradictory expert appraisal of additional assessment of tax,.
ITE EXPERTS: output report technical inspection of buildings.
We work in Andalusia.

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