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Real estate in Valencia

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We are a real estate services company, located in Valencia Capital, with more than 15 years of professional experience in the sector. We have a wide portfolio of properties especially in the area of greater expansion of Valencia, such as City of Sciences, seaport, Malvarrosa and Alboraya beach. Our extensive experience in the sector, and especially the maritime-sawmill area, empowers us to provide the best possible advice. Our main characteristic is the devotion to our clients, trying to facilitate to the maximum all the procedures that implies the purchase-sale or rent of a property. Therefore, we offer a wide range of tailor-made services. The mission of the real estate is the satisfaction of our clients. We understand that the extra expense of assuming the costs of our mediation must be fully justified by the attention and dedication to our clients. The vision of the real estate is to serve as a benchmark in the area, for all those people who want to sell, buy or rent a property. For this reason, we strive to ensure a comprehensive service of advice and management. Inmobiliaria Francisca Mayor is composed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals, with a long professional career in the company, and with ample solvency to meet all the needs of our clients. Conveying confidence and tranquility in the process of buying a property is our hallmark of quality.
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RE/MAX Urbe II, is a franchised company of the international real estate services company RE/MAX located in the center of Valencia, belongs to the RE/MAX Urbe Group, which make up 3 officians, two of them in Madrid. RE/MAX Urbe II is part of the MLS (Multiple Listing of Real Estate), the Spanish common real estate stock exchange exclusively, which has more than 400 offices in Spain and the Valencia SIC Real Estate Association, which form a stock exchange of shared real estate with more than 65 collaborating agencies in Valencia, which is why it has a large market share within the real estate sector. The success of RE/MAX is due to a management system capable of attracting and retaining the best sellers, based on motivation, making it easier for them to develop their full potential, and incentives, with the highest possible remuneration.
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Finkas NG. Trust a Realtor who contributes value. Buying and selling a home is one of the most important things you are going to do in life. Together we will plan a strategy, a good marketing plan and we will be able to exploit all the available channels to find your buyer. We have specialized offices in Valencia and we can cover all the necessities of our clients for the sale and rent of flats and houses in the North Zone of Valencia and in all the communes of L'horta Nord.
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Our company is made up of a young and dynamic professional team with a common goal: to satisfy the demands of our clients. The purpose of the company is: the promotion, purchase, sale and construction of all kinds of urban and rustic real estate. A young agency with expert and dynamic professionals. We have a large real estate offer of new and 2nd hand homes, chalets and fincas throughout the province, rentals and transfers, all with the best economic guarantees of the market up to 100% of a credit and mortgage for you to purchase.
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Dedicated to the real estate sector, we have a very personalized service offer. Our extensive portfolio of clients and real estate are our best guarantee of seriousness and efficiency. We work closely with our clients to provide them with the best advice during the entire purchase/sale process.
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Real Estate Agents Valencia Spain.
International Real Estate Agent associated with RE / MAX Urbe II - Valencia - Spain.
English - Dutch - French - German - Spanish (Castellano).
Titulo Marketing y Promoción Inmobiliaria at Nebrija Universidad.
Business Member nº 20187 at Association of International Property Professionals - AIPP.
Re / Max Top Producer at RE / MAX Urbe II - Valencia - Spain.
Team Leader at RE / MAX Urbe II - Valencia - Spain.
IPhone: +34 609 934 2311.
Email: dirk. Backaert@remax. Es.
Https://www. SpainRealEstateOffers. Com.
Https://www. ValenciaRealEstateOffers. Com.
Https://www. Dirkbackaert. Com.
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Real estate agency to provide service to our clients in all areas of sale, rent, and business transfers.
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LCH Servicios Inmobiliarios is an agency with doors open to anyone who needs professional intermediation. We fully engage with those who want to be part of it, whether they are offering their property or looking for it. In fact our mission is to unite them.
We are located in Valencia, where we offer an offer to the demands we receive. We have specialized in luxury homes, real estate, and investments. Including those special assets for investors (Hotels, buildings, residences, resorts, commercial centers, farms, wineries, rustic land and finalists) in Valecia and main areas of Spain. If you have any demand, you can contact us.
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Our experience and training has allowed us to see house prices devalued in recent years.
Many individuals bought at the time at prices that are currently far removed from the market, which prevents profit from the purchase or covering the mortgage.
With our help, we will adapt your home and offer you the best solution so that you can sell or rent your house at the best price.
In Nomada Consultora Inmobiliaria we do not sell real estate, we sell houses with soul The home staging guarantees the tuning of the property to expedite its sale. We advise you taking into account all the factors so that your investment becomes a success.
If you have any questions about our services or need more information about any of our properties, we will be happy to listen to you and assist you.
Tell us what you're dreaming about and we'll make it happen.
The commitment to the satisfaction of our customers, the responsibility of the projects we take on, the illusion to obtain for them the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time, are the pillars on which I have founded this company.
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Renting and Buying Flats.
Inmobiliaria Ambiente is a newly created project that was founded in 2018 and works in a traditional way, combined with the strength of the Association of Real Estate of the Valencia Community (MLS ASICVAL). With this system we manage to multiply the possibilities of buying and selling the properties or renting Valencia flats in a much faster and more efficient way, and of course, always advised of the competent team that is needed to carry out in the most professional way any management that our clients need.
Currently we are also part of Inmobiliaria Serrería created in 1998 and that brings down the more than 20 years working to give a good service to clients. Thanks to the treatment always received in the most professional way.
We have a wide portfolio of properties, for the sale and rental of Valencia flats, due to our trajectory, and the experience gained in these years, that makes our clients and friends perfectly advised, so that when they take the important step of buying or selling their house, they do so with the peace of mind of being in the hands of great professionals i. E. In the best hands , the degree of satisfaction received by us from the moment we started working alongside them has allowed us to grow as a company.
Although Real Estate is new, the professionals who are part of Inmobiliaria Ambiente, we accumulate many years of experience in the real estate sector both in the sale and in the rental floors, so it allows us to advise and protect you from start to finish in all aspects of the operation:.
Price and valuations.
Marketing (maximum dissemination of the house with the best visibility).
Financial manager.
Architecture studio.
Reform companies.
Supplies, etc.
The purpose in Inmobiliaria Ambiente is that they do not have to worry about anything and have at their disposal any professional who needs to sell, acquire or rent flats.
Valencia Flats Rental.
The province of Valencia is located in the east of Spain and is located in the center of the Valencian Community. With an area of more than 10,000 kilometers and a population of more than 2. 5 million people.
Its capital Valencia, to it come thousands of people for many reasons such as work, studies or simply by tourism.
If you are thinking of living in Valencia and are looking for a rental Valencia apartments at a good price we can help you.
First of all you have to choose the neighborhood, it is important to choose the neighborhood in which you will live. If your change of residence is because you need to be closer to the University you should look at rental valencia apartments in the area near the University Ciutat.
If you like to live near the center, in areas where you can go out for a drink at night your neighborhoods to look at rental Valencia apartments are El Carmen and Russafa.
On the other hand, if you are interested in living by the sea you are looking to rent Valencia apartments in El Cabanyal or la Malva-rosa.
The neighborhoods of Gran Via, Montolivet and El Botanic are a good choice if you are looking to rent Valencia apartments with your family. And Campanar and Benimaclet are perfect for living neighborhood life, have many shops and are lively neighborhoods.
Once you have already chosen the neighborhood in which you would like to live, you only have to find the rental Valencia apartments that suits you best. How many rooms you need, how many meters you have.
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In its 10 years of history, Helice Inmobiliaria has been able to adjust and evolve along with the real estate offer and trends of foreign and Valencian public creating thus new models of real estate business. This is how Helice has become a prestigious benchmark of the second transmission real estate market to position itself as one of the most recognized Premium agencies of the Valencian capital. Rigorously personalized attention and complete management of operations such as the offer of various properties, financial advice, and negotiation processes and legal procedures in different languages have allowed Helice to continue to increase its a broad portfolio of clients, both national and international. In addition, as an agency belonging to the Collegiate of real estate agents, it receives the support of one of the most prestigious law firms in Valencia, so Helice Inmobiliaria is maximum guarantee of confidence in the real estate market.
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PlusHouse is the online real estate company near you with personalized, intimate advice and modern tools that go from the web PLUSHOUSE. Es to advertisements on real estate portals.
PlusHouse is an agency specialized in Buy-Sell Property, Rentals, professional premises, soils and investments.
We want like you, respect the environment and that is why we have discarded old old working methods such as physical offices and energy consumption related to them (lights, display case, paper, inks etc. ).
At PLUSHOUSE we want to reduce our ecological footprint by favoring travel in taxis, metro, bus, or walking.
With more than 20 years of experience in real estate and with agreements with agencies in France, we can propose your assets to international clients and accompany these clients for a successful sale.
Our goal : to help you sell, buy, rent, invest, favoring the direct human relationship.
Because buying or selling in the real estate issue is important, PlusHouse undertakes to present you only goods related to a sales mandate signed by the seller, and with the administrative inquiries corresponding to the good sold.
Because when you sell you don't want to waste time, we take care of everything, and filter the visits to propose only interested buyers and in the ability to buy.
When running an ad isn't enough, PlusHouse aims to advise you.
PlusHouse, more than a real estate company.
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At Inmodealer we take care of the purchase and sale and rental of flats, houses, premises, land and other types of properties. Contact us and we will help you find the property you are looking for as soon as possible. We are specialized in the area of Gandía (Valencia) and surroundings. We have all kinds of properties throughout La Safor.
We're easy to find and within everyone's reach. We are located near the center of Gandía. Visit us and we will inform you of everything.
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Medina&Co is a real estate company specialized in the sale and rental of houses in the center of the city of Valencia and surroundings. A highly qualified team of real estate consultants who work every day to offer you the best real estate offer in the city. The professionals who train Medina&Co have extensive experience in the real estate sector, which makes us first-hand aware of the needs of our clients. Quality, professionalism and transparency are part of Medina&Co's DNA.
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Oranges and Lemons is an Officially Registered (Orange Grove Bay SL) and Fully Licensed Estate Agent in the picturesque coastal town of Oliva, near Valencia, Spain.
We are an independent small family orientated business, owned and run by Martin Ashenden and Tracey Smith and are the Longest Established English company, operating here since 1980 in the Oliva / Gandia area of La Safor.
We offer to you DIRECT from Spanish owners, a selection of carefully chosen and thoroughly researched safe, sound investments. We specialize in RESALES and each property is meticulously selected, representing the cream of availability.
Our free after-sales service is complete, Paloma Bay (Martin's wife) has been successfully providing this comprehensive service since 1980. We do our utmost to provide the best possible care and advice with any obstacle you may encounter.
We aim to make your transition into Spanish life as easy as possible as we appreciate the value of a happy client.
As a member of AIPP we have been evaluated and approved as working to industry regulation. To verify our membership and for more information about the AIPP and Code of Conduct visit www. Aipp. Org. Uk or www. Aipp. Ie.
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EUROPA 21 Group® is a high-level real estate agency with experience and a long history in the residential real estate sector and in real estate investment.
Our real estate division manages the purchase, sale and rental of properties in Spain. Created to meet the needs of the most demanding clients, our support staff, year after year, helped our national and international clients buy or sell their properties.
At EUROPA 21 Group® we are experts in real estate investment, our knowledge of the local market that the operations advised by our staff are a guarantee of success.
Therefore, we offer a personalized service to our clients who want to invest in real estate.
We have a wide portfolio of products if you are looking for investment floors (apartments with tourist license) or investing in buildings. Commercially, we also have a local investment in the best areas of Spain.
In addition, we help you to get your Golden Visa and exploit all its profits by buying an investment in Spain.
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From a young age he used the holidays to travel, learn new languages, acquire computer and design tools. These trips brought me closer to other cultures and customs. I adapt easily to changes and relationships have always been my best gain and source of learning. I like sport, the sea, singing and painting. My true passion is my two children.
The taste for art and design led me to study Architecture and Urbanism and the passion for people and my family led me to choose the Real Estate sector as a source of professional and personal development.
Person-to-person work. With empathy, dynamism and commitment.
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Independent Real estate agent my job is my priority, and I am fortunate to perform my work in Valencia, my home. I have spent many years working in the real estate sector and I get tired of the experiences lived, these experiences are school for me because it helps me to understand every day more the importance of offering personalized advice and adjusted to each case as well as Offer a close and trusting deal. The people who know me define me as a passionate and fun person, qualities that are not at odds with the professionalism and the seriousness that characterizes my work.
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