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Since 1998. Real Estate - Real Estate (Court Expert, Real Estate Manager and Law Firm). Specialists in Real Estate and Registration Law. Candeleda, Talavera, Toledo, Extremadura, La Vera, Sierra de Gredos, Madrid. Farms, apartments, houses, business premises, houses. Construction and renovation of rural housing, old kilns, houses, local etc.
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What do we do?.
We do our best to offer you the best quality of homes at the best price.
Our mission:.
Establish in Spain and Europe the best quality homes at the best price for you, in a sustainable way to take care of the environment.
Our vision:.
To be one of the largest sustainable housing developers in Spain and Europe.
To make your work easier, we put at your disposal a series of plots where you can place the house.
Month by month we provide you with the information of each progress.
We'll give you your house in 9 months.
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Company dedicated to an integral real estate management so that client does not have to deal with anything. Purchase and sale of real estate, reforms, mortgage advice, decoration / Home Staging.
Need to find your new home?.
From INNOVA SELECT HOGAR we offer you a comprehensive, specialized and exclusive service that will make the sale or purchase of your home a success.
Our team of professionals will accompany you throughout the process to guarantee us the best conditions as quickly as possible.
- We value and make a study of your home without obligation.
- We accompany you throughout the process.
- We get you the best price.
- We take care of all the paperwork and financial advice.
From INNOVA SELECT HOGAR we offer you a comprehensive, specialized and exclusive service that will make the sale or purchase of your home a success.
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RH PROPERTIES is a company founded in Madrid in mid-2011 that, within months, with a prominent role in the luxury market of the capital.
Currently RH PROPERTIES is present in much of the country thanks to its low-cost product: Franchise RH PROPERTIES.
This new type of low cost franchise allows you to work independently with the support of our brand, in addition to working with many other agencies, as RH PROPERTIES is a founding partner Properties Shared System (SIC), which operate at national.
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Real estate agency specialized in rentals and sales in Seseña (Toledo). Flats, chalet, penthouses, houses. El Quiñón, Seseña.
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More than a real estate company Our business is not houses, it's the people From the beginning we devised an agency with doors open to anyone who needs professional intermediation. We fully turn with who wants to be a part, whether you offer your property or if you are looking for it. In fact, our job is to unite them. The time we spend is to save others. We are constantly interacting and along the way we take experiences to remember because we are passionate about our work. That's why we value each of our achievements: reaching the result desired by all.
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Property with several locations in the area of toledo sagra. Specialized in bank foreclosure.
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Every time we are going to make a decision, a sea of ​​possibilities opens up before us and, just like in real life, going out to sea without experience can turn out to be a company headed for sinking or shipwreck (or both, if there is luck ). In this market there are no catastrophes of such caliber. Although, in the end, wrecking you want an island for you alone. And a house without selling can be more burden to be made in the confines of the world.
We do not know maritime knowledge, but at a real estate level we are experts. We will not allow you to stay with the desire to sell the house if you want to do it and, of course, we will do everything possible so you can find the one in which to start a new stage in your life.
All you need is to come see us. Do you want to know how we can help you?.
When you're trying to sell your home.
The first thing you need is to know your possibilities; you know he has them, and he has them, but. Do you know which ones they are?.
Our team will take you by the hand wherever you want and will show you the different stadiums through which your property will pass before its sale.
In a roughly modeled breakdown:.
-Advice of the market.
-Photo report.
-Movement advertising.
- Financial filter (we will not take visitors whose sole purpose is to gossip).
-Advice of the corresponding administrative procedures.
-And the price, of course, you put it.
In the event that you want to buy.
We have a wide catalog of properties that are sure to be of your liking and, if we do not have them, we will find them wherever and however you want. We will be, from the moment you contact us and until you buy, by your side to advise you what you have to attend with priority when choosing a property.
To accompany you in the decision and election process, we will:.
Constant real estate counseling.
- Financial advice at the time you want-And we went through you for that process that people like so little; the mortgage negotiation with the bank. We are committed to get you the best conditions.
-Also you can forget about abusive commissions.
In addition, we offer a series of peripheral services to obtain or sell your property.
At a reasonable price and always with the best quality both human and material. And with a utopian point; finishing the work within the deadline.
Energy Certificate;.
Necessary in any sale of real estate. Sell ​​with us and we'll give it to you.
For any procedure related to the sale purchase.
Whether you want to sell your property or want to buy your home, let our team of professionals advise you and help you achieve your goal.
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For more than 24 years, we have been accumulating the experience of our network of offices and its commercial team, which together with the suggestions of all our clients have allowed us to develop a unique Work System, with which the results expected by the clients are achieved and with it, be the most admired real estate services network.
To reach 100% of potential buyers, two markets have to be worked professionally: the market of clients who buy through a real estate agency and the market of clients who buy from the individual.
In Alfa Inmobiliaria we can help you reach 100% of potential buyers and in this way achieve the best possible efficiency in the sale, this is reflected in the time of sale and in the price.

We help you to find your property for sale and rent in Toledo (province)

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