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Real estate in Seville (province)

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CASANOVA ESTATE is a real estate agency formed by large real estate professionals who specialize in the marketing of existing homes and new developments in Lora del Rio.
CASANOVA ESTATE guarantees reliability, professionalism and speed in all the efforts.
CASANOVA ESTATE guarantees solutions tailored to your needs, economic conditions. Quick solutions, efficient and professional.
We manage the sale and rental of property: Houses, plots and apartments for sale and rent in any area of Lora del Río, Seville province.
We have over four hundred real estate offers the best prices on the market, with optimal conditions of funding.
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Our Objective is to offer you the best Real Estate Service with effective solutions,.
Fast and adjusted to the current market.
As a real estate brokerage company, we are in charge of managing the sale of the properties that our clients want to put on the market, and satisfy the needs of many people who come to us in search of a new home. Our philosophy is based on offering quality advice through professionals that facilitate a personalized treatment to each of our clients.
INMOBILIARIA NEBRICASA is characterized by making available to its clients a wide range of exclusive services designed to cover all your needs in the process of buying, selling or renting a property. They are exclusive services and they bring an extra of professionalism and differentiation in the sector.
We work on quality and not quantity. For this reason our agency works with a small portfolio of properties, because only this way can offer the best treatment and impeccable management to all clientsCurrently we have a team of 5 young professionals, dynamic, with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, evolving year after year. Thanks to our effort, steadfastness and dedication we have entered the market, offering our clients a great knowledge of it.
INMOBILIARIA NEBRICASA is located in Lebrija (Sevilla), district of the Marismas del Bajo Guadalquivir. Our geographical situation gives us a strategic position preferential being in the center of the provinces of Seville, Cadiz and Huelva.
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English and French spoken in our Real Estate Agency. - All showings and documents are in English as well as in Spanish, including contracts.
Transparency, efficiency and professionalism guaranteed:.
1. - Only Real Estate Agency in Seville with AENOR ISO-9001 Quality Certificate.
2. - Real Estate Agency approved by the Government of La Junta de Andalucia.
3. - Associate member of AEGI Spain and MLS Seville.
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Business Consultant Patrimoniales. Real Estate and Investment. Savings and Investment consulting service. International Advice on buying and selling all types of Properties. Residential, Commercial, Hotel, Industrial, Fields, Farms and Game Reserves. Development of Investment Projects. Family Office, Private Banker.
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Grupo Asesur has been in the real estate and business sector for 10 years. We know the market perfectly, avoiding the times of crisis. We offer the buyer an advice that starts from the search of property to fiscal, legal and administrative procedures related to any type of operation.
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Tell us what your dream home is like. Tell us in as much detail as possible how the house you are looking for, how many bedrooms you must have and why, in what areas you want it and why, what budget you have, how many you are in the family, ages, and for when you need it. With all this information we will do an exhaustive search to take you bluntly home. The more detailed, the faster we'll find her.
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We are a young company but with many years of experience in the real estate sector.
We are specialized in investment real estate.
We offer advice to make the purchase at the best price, we help you in the request of all the documentation you need (including the NIE), we help you with the reform or the search for architects, we get financing and in short everything you need to a complete satisfaction.
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75 years as usual. By your side. With you. Real estate group of integral management that develops the promotion and construction of homes.
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Our company is formed by a Young and Dynamic professional team with a common goal: To satisfy the demands of our Clients.
The company's purpose is: the Promotion, Purchase, Sale and Construction of all kinds of Urban and Rustic Real Estate.
A young agency with expert and dynamic professionals.
We have a wide real estate offer of New homes and 2nd Hand, Villas and Fincas throughout the province, Rentals and Transfers, all with the best economic guarantees in the market up to 100% of a Credit and Mortgage so that you can acquire them.
You want to receive the most personalized treatment, for the sale or rental of your property.
Do not hesitate to contact us and you will see the difference.
Making you live your dreams.
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We are a company that provides innovative solutions and services in the real estate and financial fields, formed by professionals with extensive experience in the real estate, financial and legal.
We offer our customers the most comprehensive service of the highest quality in the management of sale and rental properties, using the most modern technologies and management techniques.
Also continuously made major marketing campaigns to disseminate the property of our clients in different media.
Our work focuses primarily on real estate buying and selling 2nd hand homes, new developments, plots, land, housing rehabilitation, and management of rental property.
Each estate FIN & Home, has assigned an area under different neighborhoods that make up each district of the city, so they get the maximum possible expertise and thorough understanding of each area. Thanks to the great knowledge we reach each area, property valuations performed very fitting actual market value at any time in that area. Thus our valuations are taken as reference for various appraisers for banks. The property valuation service we offer to our customers for free.
Through the mediation of our Financial Service CredYCasa get our clients the best loans and financial products thanks to the agreements we have with the main Spanish and international financial institutions.
In FIN & Home, motivates our work, and we give special attention to the admitting only with a job well done, therefore, give careful attention to each client and each management entrusted to us.
FIN & Home is a modern and dynamic company, designed to quickly adapt to the frequent changes in the market and to satisfy the most demanding customers. The future is going in the same direction as FIN & Home.
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After many years of experience, we offer you a wide portfolio of farms and haciendas of all kinds. Throughout this time we have generated a large network of collaborators, with which we are sure to be able to satisfy the need of any client.
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In LOCARTIS ADVISERS we carry intermediating between companies and individuals seeking location for the development of their activities both Commercial, Industrial and Office in Seville.
Our department specializes in retail management and local marketing business as well as our department Industrial specializes in the management and marketing of commercial and industrial buildings.
A self manage the sale and rental, taking care of marketing, after careful study, pricing, taxation, legal and technical to achieve the objectives.
Our firm is aware of the difficulty involved surfaces marketing companies, offers a comprehensive service to them beginning with the search for the perfect location to establish a business, until the implementation of the same.
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Why RE/MAX CASAGRANDE? What differential services does RE/MAX CASAGRANDE offer to the consumer? The Services of RE/MAX CASAGRANDE are different because RE/MAX is different. RE/MAX CASAGRANDE offers an exclusive treatment and service right from the start. The services that identify RE/MAX CASAGRANDE are the valuation of real estate, legal services, financial services, MLS, own advertising agency, exclusive Web page of each property, renovations, removals, insurance. All These services differentiate us from the rest and allow us to have an identity of our own. What should the consumer require of a realtor when selling his home? You Must first of all that you are a professional in the real estate sector, that is to say that you are knowledgeable about the market, that you are committed to the sale of your property, and that you have full dedication in the sale of your home And when you buy it? The buyer must require the agent to have a global knowledge of the real estate market, ie not only must require an absolute knowledge of what is selling, in addition the Realtor is obliged to know all the processes of buying and selling Properties. What is the RE/MAX CASAGRANDE work system based On? It Is based on a series of processes that begin with a valuation of the property to sell, recommending to the owner which should be the price of sale The next step once the sale price has been established is a specific marketing plan for the sale of the property, depending on the characteristics of the properties are studied which are the means of promoting the housing most indicated for the sale of the MI SMA, writing, mailing, mailings, poster placement, etc. The property is then uploaded with all the properties and photographs of the property to the Website RE/MAX, and in this way the property appears automatically in the MLS system and in more than 50 real estate portals. The RE/MAX work system obliges the customer's excellent attention, to know exactly what people are looking for and not to waste time on unnecessary visits, thus optimizing the real estate agent's time very valuable and not bothering the owner with Meaningless visitation. Finally something very important in the system of work of RE/MAX CASAGRANDE is the synergy that exists with the client, ie, continuously the agent of RE/MAX CASAGRANDE informs to the owner of everything that is doing for his house and the results of the calls , visits, offers, so that the owner has absolute control over the work of selling his property In which areas of the purchasing process does the RE/MAX CASAGRANDE agent intervene? The agent of RE/MAX CASAGRANDE intervenes in all the processes of purchase-sale, which starts from the moment in which the agent of RE/MAX CASAGRANDE teaches to the client the house of his dreams until the delivery of keys. The agent of RE/MAX CASAGRANDE prepares the documents necessary for the signage of the house, provides financing to the buyers if this is necessary, and finally intervenes in the writing of purchase-sale, providing at all time advising The client. What knowledge should a Realtor have to provide good customer service? The agent of RE/MAX CASAGRANDE has them, since it has at their disposal a continuous formation in the School RE/MAX. It Must have knowledge among others, in fiscal, financial matters, real estate valuations, real estate law, marketing and sales. What aspects lead the client to opt for a real estate agency or another? I think the client is looking for a serious and professional agency. Find an agency with great possibilities, which has an important position in the sector, but above all things in this agency looking for a real estate professional This is a business of people and the client that makes finally opt for one agency or another, is that the realtor with whom he treats is prepared and that this knows to transmit confidence and security. Why should a customer give an exclusive property to RE/MAX CASAGRANDE? First of all because it is the only way to sell a property at the best price in the shortest possible time. The Client makes sure that the real estate agency will put all the efforts in the sale of his house, IE will invest money in the sale of his house to sell it in the shortest possible time. How does MLS benefit the customer? The MLS is a multiple listing of properties, in which real estate professionals share their properties. This system is unbeatable and innovative in Spain, offering the customer all the possibilities of the market. The operation is very simple, the realtor who has captured the property dumps it in the MLS, and from that moment the property has a network of insurmountable outlets, through which the property can be sold regardless of the Name of the Realtor, and always acting through the real estate agent getter of that property What advice would you give the customer who wants to buy or sell their home? The client would tell him to choose a real estate professional to buy and sell a house, because he is the most suitable person to advise on all issues related to the purchase and sale of properties. He'S Going to buy time, money, and avoid any dislikes. Also My advice is to compare the agencies that work in the real estate sector, and will distinguish the agent of RE/MAX CASAGRANDE and the brand RE/MAX symbol of a solid and professional working system, among all the others.
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Real estate group InmoAndal was created with the purpose of marketing, promoting and valuing real estate, providing support to owners, offering specific solutions accurately and within your budget in search of real estate, investors, businesses, theparticular and the public in general;We have the industrial area, the financial and commercial and residential area, in which we specialize.
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Atrium since its birth in 2001 has been personally helping and advising clients closely, making them friends and pursuing their goals as if they were their own.
Our goal is customer satisfaction based on our 18-year experience in the industry, which we try to improve every day.
4 years ago we became a 100% family agency and today, although with a larger team, we continue to consider ourselves a family agency that has 'adopted' people not because of their successes but because of their personality and values.
We are Partner-Founders of the Alianza Sevilla group, a union of the best Real Estate Agencies of the province that currently has more than 80 real estate, operating online with a computer application and a demanding ethical code. Your home will be automatically offered by more than 400 advisors in Seville, with the unique mediation of Atrium Inmobiliaria.
In addition we have been awarded two years, 2017 and 2018 as real estate with more shared operations of our group, valuing our effort to get a quick sale and the best conditions for our owners.
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Young business born from the union of real estate professionals with extensive experience in the sector. An innovative and dynamic concept to serve the needs of our customers.
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The European Property Finder Group provides personal solutions for your project, whether you are buying or renting.
The European Property Finder Group specializes in Off Market Real Estate Properties.
Do you want to buy or rent an apartment in Marbella or in Seville?.
A house overlooking the sea or on a golf course in Andalusia (Spain)?.
You ask, we found.
Your satisfaction is our success.
We speak English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish.
We also organize your vacations with our exclusive partner in more than 40 destinations.
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Agency in Seville
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Arrentix. Com is a Virtual Real Estate Franchise also offers many services such as building maintenance, plumbing, renovations, rent protection insurance, real estate specialist legal assistance as authorized ¨ ¨ ARBITRATION INSTITUTIONAL FOUNDATION and housing placement contributor any regime, all with highly qualified staff and full warranty.
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