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Real estate in Sant Francesc (Valencia)

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Mediterranean Agency is a Real Estate agent in the Valencian Community (Valencia and Alicante). With experience in the real estate sector since 1997, today is a benchmark in real estate brokerage, with a wide commercial structure of more than 30 professionals, and proven experience in real estate and financial advice to foreigners not Residents, with trained staff to serve English and Russian-speaking clients.
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The best professional help in estate matters.
Every day, the housing market picks up many operations related to the purchase, sale and rental housing, mortgages, investment, legal services, financing.
Operations in PANTOJA REAL ESTATE we conducted for over 20 years.
Proven experience in the commercial, technical, financial and managerial areas of the sector.
Our organization is among the first established in the city of Valencia, both by the experience of its team as the technical means available.
A wide range of professional services that enable you to have the best advice for any issue related to the housing market.
Nobody like us.
To deal with seriousness and rigor any issue related to the industry, no one better than a professional PANTOJA INMOBILIARIA. What differentiates us from other companies is the quality of service we offer. Quality results in satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, who continue to request and recommending our services.
Professional service, the result of internal quality, dedication and training of our team.
Human Resources.
Our main asset are human resources, formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise in each of the areas of real estate and financial sector.
Equipped with the most modern computerized management systems with specific to the real estate and financial management development programs itself. A complete and flexible information management, which facilitates the development of our work and provides a quick and effective response.
Professionalism, a rising.
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Cota Milenium has a long history in the field of rental and sale of commercial property in valencia. Over 30 years experience in the rental of commercial premises in Valencia is one of our specialties advice for implantation entrepreneurs, chain stores and franchises. For the sale of premises and for the purchase we are specially trained whether it is a purchase or sporadic sale as if it comes to buying commercial property as an investment. In the latter case, please purchase premises with the tenant, as they provide a return on investment immediately.
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