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Real estate in Sagrada Família (Barcelona)

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Agencia Inmobiliaria, as a comprehensive real estate agency, offers a wide range of services, from the search for the perfect property to the administrative management tasks after the signing of the contract.
Our main services include:.
We help you find the best home for both rent and purchase.
Brokerage: we guarantee competent and high quality brokerage and brokerage services, based on a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in the area and extensive experience in this sector. We will help you find the perfect property for you.
Consulting: we will explain in detail the current situation of the market and offer advice and advice on all the issues that arise as an owner. As part of our comprehensive consulting and management services, we will help you manage the property after the contract is signed.
Financing: we will design a financing concept tailored to your needs. Our services include advice on the various sources of funding and referrals for our trusted banking partners.
Documentation: we will take care of the preparation and management of the documentation. This way you can focus on what really matters to you Our knowledge of local regulations and the necessary documentation are the best basis to ensure the legal correctness of any action you take with us.
Make an appointment with one of our agents, we will inform you of everything you need to know. The first query is non-binding and is completely free!.
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We are not only dedicated to providing holiday accommodation, long term rental and sale of properties in the city of Barcelona, but also we are the local contact for our customers. This means providing information about how to move, what steps do, what the management costs, etc.
We are here to advise both on the mundane aspects of a trip, for example, where there is a laundry, a supermarket, or where is the nearest hospital, as well as to guide you through the process of buying or renting a property with trust.
We promise to do everything possible to make your visit both exciting and comfortable. And for that we also have extra services such as transportation to and from airports and ports; tours around the city and surrounding areas, and daily housekeeping.
You can contact us to look for the rental or purchase of the property that best suits your needs and budget.
It is also our role to represent the interests of owners and other local contacts, and so we become the bridge between you and them.
Welcome to Barcelona and have a nice stay,.
Your place in Barcelona's team.
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We help you to find your property for sale and rent in Sagrada Família (Barcelona)

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