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Real estate in Puerto de Sagunto

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Real estate agency to provide service to our clients in all areas of sale, rent, and business transfers.
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Our company is formed by a young and dynamic professional team with a common goal: to meet the demands of our customers.
The company aims: the promotion, purchase, sale and construction of all kinds of urban and rural real estate.
A young and dynamic agency with skilled professionals.
We have a wide range of real estate Housing New and 2nd Hand, Chalets and farms throughout the province, rentals and transfers, all with the best market economic guarantees up to 100% of a credit card and mortgage for you to purchase.
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Lacruz Real Estate is a company dedicated to the management of all types of property whose area of work covers new homes and second hand, flats, townhouses, detached houses, luxury villas, commercial, industrial buildings and land-investment.
To buy or rent your new apartment or selling / renting your home, trust HABITAT Real Estate professionals, everyday people who are trained to provide the most professional real estate services sector, working for Habitat Housing will become your reference when choosing a real estate professional.
Each client is different, as each house. Take good care of a customer to us means adapt fully to the singularities of the case, your product, your salary expectations, your time frame, etc.
We specialize in providing a truly personalized service.