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Real estate in Pontevedra (province)

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Grupo Gordon Inmobiliaria, is a company specialized in the purchase and sale of properties and homes, and in the promotion of real estate businesses, with extensive experience in the real estate market of Sanxenxo and Pontevedra. Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of our services, in order to achieve the expectations and needs of our customers.
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Company dedicated to Real Estate Services.
We help them find the housing they need by taking care of all the procedures with the best economic guarantees of the market until managing the Credit or Mortgage so that you can acquire them. If you have a property that you want to sell or rent, do not hesitate to contact us. We will take the necessary steps and keep you informed at all times.
Purchase and sale of all kinds of real estate.
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Agency in Vigo
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Our goal is always to offer the best service to all our customers. We want to listen to you, know your motivations and circumstances in order to help you using our professional experience.
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In 1989 Fincas Vigo was born with a purpose, to help its clients find their ideal property. We currently offer sufficient experience and resources to achieve your buying, selling or renting goals.
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Real Estate Management in Galicia. Sale luxury real selected for you. Exclusive properties off the coast.
Valuation of any type of real estate in Galicia. Flats, houses, land, rural land, agricultural, craft, industrial land, etc. For any purpose, mortgages, finance, contradictory, separation of property, valuation of estates, auctions, expropriations, real estate feasibility studies, etc. We are expert witnesses.
We organize private estate auctions for those unique properties, castles, pazos (galizian palace), islands.
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CP PROPERTIES is a vigues firm specialized in real estate management whose philosophy is to offer the best advice to ensure the success of operations. Whether the sale or rental of our properties is made with all the guarantees depends on the good work of our real estate managers. CP PROPERTIES moves in the area of the entire province of Pontevedra, mainly in the surroundings of Vigo and its surroundings. We work to help people find their home, for purchase or for rent, commercial premises, land etc. We like our work and that people trust us in any real estate transaction. Our philosophy is to advise our clients as best as possible, so that the price and the agreed conditions satisfy all parties.
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Real Estate in Sanxenxo Alquilarpisosanxenxo. Es is a Real Estate in Sanxenxo dedicated to the sale and rent in Sanxenxo and nearby areas, of all kinds of properties. We cover the area of Sanxenxo, Portonovo, Areas, Vilalonga, A Lanzada, O Grove, mainly. We have a wide catalog of flats, apartments, houses, chalets and premises, and we specialize in holiday rental in Sanxenxo with all the guarantees. We only offer you real estate in perfect condition. With us, get ready to enjoy the area's immense tourist attraction. You will have the house of your dreams in the blink of an eye, for sale or rent, holiday rental, with swimming pool or beachfront, you will find everything in our real estate alquilarpisoensanxenxo. Es. Our real estate in Sanxenxo is synonymous with tranquility, all that brings you to rent or buy your house with the support of qualified professionals. With us, you will never live a bad experience with your holiday rental again. Sanxenxo's tourist attraction is undeniable. Both Sanxenxo (the 'Galician tourist capital') and the neighboring municipalities (Portonovo, Areas, Vilalonga, A Lanzada, O Grove. ), have everything you need to attract thousands of tourists year after year. You only need a house to enjoy all that this land has to offer. And our real estate in Sanxenxo offers you the best homes, so you can enjoy a unique tourist experience We go beyond holiday rental in Sanxenxo. Among our services are also the sale of apartments in Sanxenxo and other properties, as well as the holiday rental and the sale of real estate in the surrounding municipalities. Looking for a holiday home in Sanxenxo? We have everything you need to start enjoying all the wonders that this area has to offer.
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I am Davinia Pedreira, associate of DRD Properties in Spain. We are dedicated to the real estate sector, working with owners and buyers from all over the market.
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Developer in Vigo
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In Prolauver we not only build beautiful houses; overcoat.
! We create a home for you!.
Building is a mechanical thing. But, from the first moment we have set out to create an environment where you and your family can enjoy comfort and intimacy.
That's why we listen to our customers over a long time and have learned to understand not only their aesthetic desires, but also the desires between the lines.
They are those desires that make that construction your refuge, and that as you pass the doorstep, all that is not important is left out. Because this is a home the place where you and your family have an oasis of peace and harmony to enjoy, all with the best qualities and the maximum guarantee in the construction and material execution of Prolauver.
This is what you will find in our urbanization next to finish in Playa Castiñeiras, in Ribeira. And you can decide the finishes of your new home.
To make it more than ever your home and your family's.
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I am Manuel Jesús Rodríguez, CEO-Independent Real Estate Advisor. My area of work is all over Spain and Portugal. Many of my efforts are carried out in the area of the Costa del Sol and in my surroundings of Vigo-Galicia. I offer you my services and help.
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What is Hy:gge?.
It is a concept widely used in Denmark (it is pronounced jiu-ga), which basically means, enjoying the little things you do in your home, enjoying those unique and magical moments that sometimes we do not give enough value. That cup of coffee, that movie on the couch, that grandma's recipe, that conversation. It's totally personal.
Purchase and sale of properties:.
Selling your home can sometimes be slow and also an emotional challenge, especially if you've never done it before. Sometimes you will feel that your privacy is invaded, because strangers will enter your home, criticize places that have probably been special to you and also offer you less money than you think your house is worth.
With no experience and a complex, emotional transaction on your hands, it's easy to make mistakes. However, with our experience and advice we will try to make things a little easier for you, so that you can get the best price in a reasonable period of time and without losing your mind. In addition, we take care of making a selection process to avoid those people who only want to see your property, but do not have any intention of buying.
As for the purchase of properties, we have a wide range of possibilities depending on your tastes and interests But at the beginning the key is to know the budget you are willing to invest, because in this way we can make a selection and know exactly what type of properties fit with you. Because the ultimate goal is usually not simply to find a house, but your home.
The loss of a loved one is always a difficult time in life, and having to deal with the stress of succession, bureaucracy, and paying inheritance tax is complex, unknown, and unsettling terrain for many people. That is why from Hy:gge we try to put ourselves in your shoes and advise you in the best possible way, knowing in advance that you are surely in a complicated emotional moment.
We have extensive experience in these situations, and what we intend from the beginning is to make things easier for you, so that everything that surrounds the process is as fast as possible and presents the least number of problems.
Your dream home starts at Hy:gge. In our extensive professional career we have designed a wide variety of homes, from new works, to rehabilitations, through small reforms. We have an interior design studio that will design a project adjusted to your tastes and budget, trying to optimize resources to the maximum.
Each project is a world and has totally different characteristics, but absolutely all have something in common, which is that we try to live it by your side, because only with this involvement can we cover your needs and that we can really create that special and unique home you are looking for.
A major, for old properties or in the event that you do not have specific documentation of your home, we make housing plans, which are basic and necessary when addressing a reform or simply to solve daily procedures related to your property.
Property appraisals:.
Knowing exactly how much a property is worth is necessary for example to apply for your mortgage or to be able to sell your house at a competitive price. At Hy:gge we have a team of official appraisers who will accompany you throughout the process. For us the most important thing is your satisfaction and that is why we try to give you the greatest number of information so that you can make the best decision.
To adjust the appraisal to the maximum, we compare properties with similar characteristics in the area and analyze the evolution of the market price. That is why financial institutions even come to us to carry out their appraisals. Our home appraisals are always carried out under the ECO/805/2003 regulation.
Real estate photography:.
We are clear that the beautiful sells more and that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we give great value to the photographs we take of our properties. Because a good photograph exponentially increases the chances of selling a property. Our photographer is specialized in this type of photographs and takes into account all the details to get the most out of each of the spaces. Light, order, cleanliness are basic premises that can never be missing.
Professional photography helps to highlight the architectural elements of a property, plus we've all become much more selective in the way we see things online. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, based on the image have gained great importance, and in this sector where there is great competition, these photographs can be decisive when choosing one or another property.
Works and reforms:.
We create or redefine thanks to a highly qualified team that anticipates and is able to overcome all the challenges that we face daily at the level of construction in Hy:gge. Our construction process moves quickly, safely and minimizes problems as much as possible. Transparency and accountability across the team ensures that all stakeholders live up to their responsibilities.
We are committed to a job well done, and we know that in the small details is the difference. We carry out all kinds of works, from small repairs to new construction, we only need you to raise your need and we offer you the best possible solution.
Real estate advice:.
We perform mediation, advice and management services to the buyer and seller of a property. We know that the real estate assets of a family is something very serious, which affects us personally, so trust is a key factor when starting to work together. We have been in the real estate sector for more than 15 years and we know all the bureaucratic and market intricacies that will allow us to offer you the solution that best suits your situation.
If you want to buy or renovate a property and need financing, do not hesitate to contact us. In Hy:gge we work with various financial institutions that will help us find the best alternative so you can get the house of your dreams.
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Villanovett, SL. It is a company dedicated to the integral real estate sector, with a solid implementation in the real estate market, for more than 15 years. We have a large team of highly qualified professionals with great experience in the real estate, technological and financial sector.
If you are interesad@ to publish on our website an offer of a property of your property, for sale or for rent. You only have to contact us and once received the information will be published on our website.
If you are looking for a property in Vigo, for rent or sale, do not hesitate to consult our wide range of properties.
In the management of the sale or rental of the properties that our customers entrust to us we always apply the latest and most innovative technological methods of dissemination and marketing, so that the desired results are obtained.
We offer our clients powerful methods of selecting real estate, so that the choice of your home is a comfortable and enriching process.
We offer comprehensive advice and management throughout the process of selling or renting the property:.
? Valuation of the property.
? Official appraisal of your home.
? Simple Registry Notes.
? Financing and mortgage processing advice.
? Delivery of arras and private contract.
? Comprehensive notary management until the signature of the writing.
? Registration in the property registry.
? Tax processing.
? Catastral update and graphic descriptives.
? Rental Non-Payment, Home Combination Insurance, etc.
? Inheritances.
? Management of Owners Communities.
? Geotechnical Studies.
? Topographies.
? Projects.
? Works License Management.
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Inmobiliaria Vilagarcia is formed by a professional team of real estate agents, with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector and with a common goal: To satisfy the demands and needs of our Clients, efficiently and professionally.
Our company aims to: The purchase, sale and rental of all kinds of urban and rustic real estate in Vilagarcia de Arousa and Comarca del Salnés, Pontevedra.
We have a wide range of apartments, flats, penthouses, houses and chalets for sale and rent, which will perfectly fit your needs.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or information about the ideal home for you, we are at your disposal.
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In Isla de la Luz we help you to find the property you are looking for in Isla de La Toja, in O Grove (Pontevedra). Much more than a real estate agent in La Toja. Rent, sell or buy your home in La Toja. And if you need it, we take care of its rehabilitation, because in addition to real estate agents, we are architects. We can adapt your home for sale, for vacation rental or for long term rental. We take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything.
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We are a young and dynamic real estate agency, we are in Cangas do Morrazo and cover the whole south of Pontevedra and Rias Baixas.
We are specialized in selling and renting, both annual and holiday, swaps, transfers, apartments, houses, land, villas, premises, etc. Especially focused on the following areas: Cangas, Moaña, Bueu, Marin, Vigo and its metropolitan area.
But not only offer the best real estate service, we also have customer service repair and cleaning of buildings, We have professional technicians who draw up energy certificates at the best price. We also work with major insurers to offer policies more competitive insurance, including rental. Finally, keep in mind once the property of your dreams, we will provide the best available finance in the current market.
Contact us for an experience and a deal at the height of his views. We are your real estate trust in O Morrazo!.
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We are an agency that aims to provide a service that meets the needs of today for offering their property for sale, rent or transfer, and for those who demand that property.
We have a wide range of properties: studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, houses and commercial property, construction, new and second hand.
We characterized the transparency, reliability, professionalism and speed in the efforts.
Our management area spans the entire area of Vigo and its surroundings.
Purchase, sale and rental of all types of properties, as well as direct marketing and new buildings.
Advice, management and processing of mortgage loans in both the purchase and the sale of your property.
We are located at Avenida Castelao, 25 under, Avenida links with central Vigo Beaches area.
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We Galicia Capital, we are in the Alameda de Bouzas -VIGO and have our own law firm. We perform tasks sale and rental of real estate.
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Real estate management, sale of all property tip.
Administratia with Cadastral Management, Notaries, Administration.
Mortgage Management.
Management of urban, rustic and industrial floors.
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We were born in the midst of the financial crisis and we were convinced that things could be done otherwise in the housing sector: far from speculation, encouraging renting and refurbishment and taking care of our natural landscapes as well as those urban ones. We have always gone against the tide, during the years of the real estate bubble we were working in a long-term project (AlugueiroLares) for the refurbishment of our own real estate properties , and after housing rehabilitation we were in charge of renting them and doing all related to their direct management.
Some years later, when real estate agencies started to close, Lares arose, strange? not so much. Then more than ever, was the time to boost rents that always had been our purpose. And so, there we wanted to be, to help other owners with our expertise to rent their properties and to give advice and support them in the whole process.
We are a young staff highly qualified with a specific and continual training. What we like most is our job and above all, doing it better and better day by day. The key to achieve our goal is listening to you. Need proof? You can comment and follow our activity on Facebook or Twitter, speak out yourself or check out what Google or LinkedIN tell about us whether at the individual or collective level.
You already know who we are and where you can find us, so. Shall we meet? ;).
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