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Real estate in Playa del Duque (Adeje)

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Real estate in Tenerife.
We are a Real Estate Agency in Adeje. We have been on the market for seven years (2013). We use the latest technologies and media to be closer to you and provide the best possible service. We collaborate with all the real estate companies and developers of the Canary Islands with the main objective of giving them the best and most complete selection of properties for sale or rent. We provide specialized and personalized attention. We care about saving your time, so we are punctual and accurate. We accompany you from the beginning (the search for the property) to the end: the signature of the deed in Notary, registration of the deed in the Property Registry, change of holders of water services, electricity and community. This is only part of all the services we provide.
On our website you can find all the necessary information to know how to proceed to buy a house in Spain and everything related to expenses and tax to take into account when buying a home in Spain, as well as many more information and services that we offer.
Do not hesitate to CONTACT US.
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Altamar Tenerife, is not only a real estate agency. We offer a full range of necessary services ranging from assistance in choosing a rental property purchase and full after-sales service.
After 10 years of experience our experts have identified the main goal: to build a relationship of long term trust based on these principles with our customers and partners:.
- Respect for the interests of customers,.
- Confidentiality of information,.
- Implementation of all agreements,.
- A wide range of services with absolute honesty.
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