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Real estate in Pechina

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Who is Casa Contenta Almería?.
Casa Contenta Almería was founded in 2013.
Life experience only makes us grow if we can hand it on to those seeking advice.
My name is Margaret von Schiller and I am dedicated to selling properties exclusively.
With 4 languages my clients are national and international in the area of buying and selling and vacation rentals.
It would be a pleasure to offer you one of our services.
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We are real estate consultants. Our business is to sell your property, and if you search your home, we have a large portfolio of exclusive properties.
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Developer in Pechina
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We are a group of young people, excited about new projects and in order to develop our activities in the field of architecture and engineering.
The multidisciplinary team that makes our company allows us to take on projects from varied sources, from local residential construction, industrial buildings, hotels, restaurants and cafeterias, laboratories, we like challenges and put our dreams in motion to realize the ideas.
Our curriculum spans more than forty years building. If you have the need for a home, build a workspace, a place to do his business, etc. Feel free to contact us and we will guide you to achieve what you want.
We operate generally in Almeria and its metropolitan area, Pendant, Viator, Cabo de Gata, San Jose. We've always been and we continue to serve our customers, concerned about giving great service. We'll continue our work with more enthusiasm each day, as we always have.
I hope.
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