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Real estate in O Porriño

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I am Davinia Pedreira, associate of Remax Luxury in Spain. We are dedicated to the real estate sector, working with owners and buyers from all over the market.
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New and modern service company dedicated exclusively to the administration of estates. Reliability, efficiency, transparency and quality.
In grova Property Manager, we work for our managed offering and guaranteeing a deal and personalized attention and a thorough, rigorous and closest to the daily activity of the farm track.
We offer the communities of owners Porrino and its area of influence (Vigo, Tui, Mos, Redondela, Ponteareas, Salvatierra, Salceda, Nigrán, Gondomar ) A value very competitive in the management of their communities.
- No charge commission of any provider.
- Our very competitive price service: (10 % OFF, the amount of the bill last year).
- Do not require a permanent contract with the community.
- Transparency in all accounting and management tasks.
- Regular and thorough information.
- Immediate implementation of the decisions taken by the Owners- Property Manager entitled.
- Technological platform: Modern advanced for the comprehensive management of the program and the community.
- Comply with data protection law.
- We seek savings for your community with the highest quality service.
- Personalized attention, maximum clarity and well organized.
- Continuous communication through different channels: telephone, e- mail, office and dispatch 24H.
- Office 24H: online service in which each owner via access codes can consult staff and community information, notify breakdowns and incidents and perform, among other applications, certificates and request changes to your bank payment.
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