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Real estate in Motril

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Calahonda Carchuna Inmobiliaria was born in Calahonda, Granada, as a family business that combines the knowledge of each family member to offer our clients the best service and help them buy or sell.
From the first moment you think about buying a property, both on the coast and in the interior of the provinces of Malaga and Granada, Calle &b Real Estate has a wide variety of apartments, flats, houses, chalets and plots in the main towns of the Costa del Sol Oriental, in Malaga, such as Rincón de la Victoria , Torre del Mar, Vélez-Málaga, Viñuela, Torrox, Nerja or Almuñecar y Motril, in Granada, and the best legal-financial advice for the acquisition of your property, without any additional cost. We are aware of the difficulties that sometimes arise in the purchase and sale of a property (mortgages, embargoes, liens, etc. ). That is why we try to facilitate all the procedures that come with the acquisition of your apartment, apartment, villa or solar.
We are great connoisseurs of the area since we were born and raised here. We don't want to be a real estate company anymore. Our main goal is to stand out for our good service and good work. We know how important it can be for you to buy and sell a property.
We have a wide variety of properties ranging from farms and plots to chalets, cottages, apartments, flats, studios, commercial premises and parking spaces. We also have properties aimed at investors and construction companies ranging from urban plots to rustic land.
Our investors' money is treated like ours, so we struggle to amortize the investment made in the acquisition of property.
We are dedicating our efforts in the purchase and sale of properties in the coastal and inland areas of the provinces of Malaga and Granada such as Rincón de la Victoria, Torre del Mar, Vélez-Málaga, Viñuela, Torrox, Nerja, Almuñecar, Motril,.
Trust us if you are thinking of buying a property. Contact us. Be sure we won't let you down.
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At Rential Inmobiliaria we care about the optimal satisfaction of our clients through professional work and continuous improvement of it. Our mission is to achieve a position in the real estate sector, investing in quality and service processes to create value and make a difference in everything we do. We offer impeccable customer service, which you feel satisfied with and the in-house staff proud. So all this, allow to grow in the future to expand the services and products that they offer to the customer.
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We are a real estate group that has more than 20 years of experience in this sector and in which we offer all the services related to the sale and rental of both rustic and urban properties.
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In May 1999 was born in Motril GesCom real estate services, with the objective of bringing together in a single company all the services related to the real estate and financial sector. During all these years we have evolved and adapted to the market circumstances, thus getting to be a benchmark in our area of influence. Our wide range of services is divided into specialized departments, all of them composed of professionals with extensive experience and training. GesCom Servicios Inmobiliarios has managed to position itself as one of the most serious and solvent companies in our field of action, always based on a serious and disciplined work and a human team that will assist you in a personalized way. Purchase and sale and rental of rustic and urban properties, new promotions, land management and development, large investments, processing of deeds and private contracts, processing of high electricity and water supply, cadastral management (changes of Ownership, certifications, etc. ), insurance, financing, estate management, special products for promoters, valuations, auction management, and all those efforts that you may need for very simple or laborious that seems, in GesCom Real Estate Services We will be happy to make it.
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