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Real estate in Málaga-Centro (district)

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Fortuny Hogares Únicos.
It is a young and successful company that works with absolute vocation.
It is based on fundamental values ​​such as: Trust, commitment, respect and professionalism.
We are specialized in selling and renting properties and developments in the best areas of Málaga City, Costa del Sol,and exclusive homes in the rest of Spain houses.
We have a department of counseling and financial analysis that will help you without any obligations. Our main interest is to get what best suits your needs and ensure quality of life.
Thanks to the trust you have placed in Fortuny, we fill with hope and happiness to many families, because we know that we work with an important proyect as a HOME is.
Our service is personalized.
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Real estate company in Málaga city, We sell and rental all kind of property, specially in Málaga city and west coast.
If you are an owner, we can help you to sell or rent your home.
If you are looking for something to buy or rent, contact us, will be glad to attend you.
(Professional Association of Real Estate Experts).
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We are a young company but with years of experience in the real estate sector, which perfectly combines the classic model with new lines of business and the use of new technologies, we want to be one of the best real estate agencies in Malaga.
We believe that the time has come to do things differently, we want the buying / selling process to be a joint path between the client and the real estate company in Malaga. We do not want to sell houses, we want to sell homes, we want them to buy future.
We are not satisfied, we are the right point between the classic real estate model in Malaga and the changes in the productive model, we are capable of doing things differently. We are looking for courageous clients who are willing to be advised by professionals.
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Infemar is created in the year 2000 in order to devote itself fully to the real estate promotion in Malaga and province. Currently this business of promotion is divided into a series of departments that together form what is now the company. The demands and competencies of the market make at all times Infemar dominate in all aspects of the real estate, to offer to all its clients the information or collaboration that they need and observing always the future zones of expansion and of Business available in Malaga and province. Nowadays Infemar meets with finished promotions, under construction and others in project, all of them in Malaga capital, which indicates that it knows enough the market in which it is present, without losing sight of any other opportunity that there is in the province, Both inside and on the coast. The direct management of the promotions, the deal with the client and the real estate consultancy are the great facets that this company offers, since it is the customer's knowledge and satisfaction as possible of the property that will be acquired.
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Its realtors in Barcelona, Malaga and Costa del Sol. It has all the treatment and attention of a local agent, but the experience of a giant. We will accompany you in all aspects of the purchase, sale, rent or management of your real estate in Barcelona as in Malaga and Costa del Sol. Our agents are specialized in buying, selling and renting real estate and always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients on a timely basis. We guarantee personalized attention and service. We want to help you find the property you've always been looking for.
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Our company A&D Financial Management is formed by a professional team with experience and a common objective: To meet the demands of our Clients. An agency with expert and dynamic professionals. We have a wide real estate offer of New Homes and 2nd Hand, Chalets, Fincas throughout the province, all with the best economic guarantees on the market up to 90% for a Mortgage and 100% of a Credit. Conducting studies on companies, self-employed and private companies without obligation and that need liquidity for their activity. Loans greater than 10,000 euros and no limit of quantity, providing a property as collateral. Get liquidity, collect credit and default debts, Social Security, finance, etc. Money to settle inheritances and stop garnishes. A requirement we ask of our clients is to have a real estate guarantee with little or no mortgage charge; such as: housing, industrial nave, chalet, floor, commercial premises, etc. We also offer our clients the study of tourism, cultural, environmental projects, improvements in business competitiveness, incorporation of advanced services, etc. , for grants through the Andalusian junta for the development Industrial. With Us you can also qualify for Private Capital with adaptable and comfortable payment terms for our customers Signatures before Notary In our effort to serve our clients, we have always followed principles of transparency and clarity, supported by a team of professionals to advise and manage their interests. Our service guarantees you: -. The processing of loans as soon as possible. -. Absolute confidentiality. -. Very good direct deal with our customers. If you're tired of banks always saying no, 'Call us. '.
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Nuesra company consists of a young dynamic team of professionals with a common goal: To meet the demands of our customers.
The company's objective: the Promotion, Buy, Sell and construction of all types of Real Estate and Urban Rustic.
A young and dynamic agency with skilled professionals.
We have a wide range of real estate Housing New and 2nd Hand Houses and Fincas throughout the province, Rentals and Transfers, all with the best economic market guarantees up to 100% of Your Credit or Mortgage for you to purchase.
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We are a group of highly qualified professionals in the real estate and financial sector we want to help you in your real estate dealings with the utmost confidence and ensuring at all times that their interests are ours too.
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Malaga Toré is a group of companies, founded in 1994, with extensive experience in real estate, as well as administrative management and advisory companies. We have sales agents located throughout Malaga province, as well as commercial agents and an agency - consultancy specializing in all types of procedures and formalities. Our goal is to provide quality real estate service and a comprehensive and professional advice.
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We are specialized in Malaga real estate sales and rentals of houses, shops and offices.
We specialize in the downtown area, by our location we have spent years working in the area.
We offer agility, quickness and all with full transparency to our customers and our clienes buyers sellers offer a sales process fast, efficient and successful, all in accordance with current regulations and safeguarding the interests of both parties.
This combination provides commercial and professional customer trust, financial institutions, governments, developers and agencies, which for us is a privilege and a pleasure.
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DEMADEOS is a REAL ESTATE company working through out the province of Málaga (Costa del Sol) offering the following services:.
-Sales and rental of properties: Wharehouses, offices, commercial premises, land development and residential housing.
-Consultancy and managment of urbanistic plannings: local and regional.
-Project Managment: We have arquitects and engineers to deel with all the constrution management.
-Legal,labour and tax consultancy.
-Property managemente: we take care of your property.
-Construction and renewals of houses.
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Builders and promoters since 1979. The company has a long experience in the sector and the best professionals. It support the excellent finishes and quality of their homes even our close relationship with customers. Main office in Puente-Genil (Córdoba) and another in the historic center of Malaga.
Other professional in Málaga-Centro
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We offer:.
Guided visits to properties, expert reports on farms in production (land, water, cultivation type, PH, etc. ), assistance from purchase to sale, in relation to documentation check, (possible charges, registration, Banking, appraisal reports, etc. ), after the sale, advice on reforms of the building, recommendations of establishments for any type of acquisition related to the dwelling in question, rental management, etc. , investment recommendations, gastronomy, zones And interesting places to visit, language interpretation (Spanish-English-French-Italian-German), search and location of properties to suit you, family advice: Schools in the area, vehicles, services in general.
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Holiday Rental Management WABITRIP is the union of a team dedicated professionally to rent and manage vacation homes, for seasons. We are in charge of facilitating the stay of the travelers who visit the province of Málaga, offering the rent of houses, lofts, flats or apartments fully equipped, air-conditioned and magnificently located in the Costa del Sol. Due to our formality, commitment and personalized treatment, we have earned the trust of all our customers, so we are proud to meet the expectations and needs of each guest. Travel and don't quit feeling at home! Transfers if you need it, for more comfort, we can arrange your transfer from or to Malaga airport to the place of accommodation checking our team will be in charge of welcoming you and the delivery of keys. Offering a first contact with the city through advice and recommendations. Help for the family during your stay, you will be able to have cot, highchair and other types of accessories necessary, for free. Communicate it and we will install it in your apartment before your arrival. Full fridge We prepare the pantry to make the arrival more comfortable and enjoyable after a long trip. We leave everything ready, to receive you as you deserve Tourist tours we take care of providing you with all the cultural and leisure information you need to help during your stay in Malaga. Permanent PERSONAL attention you will have a quick and efficient response on our part, getting your stay to become a pleasant souvenir, that will make you re-book an apartment with WABITRIP.
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Our activity is focused on helping companies and individual investors make the investment or divestment in real estate products according to their needs.
We offer our clients the possibility to invest or divest their real estate assets through our asset management platform at a national and European level.
We take care of promoting the purchase and sale of residential, industrial, commercial land, office buildings, commercial premises, shopping centers located in large cities.
We offer investors a broad portfolio of commercial, industrial, and hotels with guaranteed returns. We can also find in the market those properties and locations that demand us.
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