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Real estate in Madrid

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Real estate in Madrid that is dedicated to the intermediation in the rental and sale of homes, commercial premises and offices We achieve goals through seriousness, discretion and professionalism.
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Beahost Real Estate brings together years of international experience to guarantee the best services in real estate management and buying and selling advice. Our mission is to offer our clients services persnalized for their interests, whether it is by selling a flat or the beach house at the best price, starting in the world of tourist rental, or making an excellent real estate investment with the best possible return. We started in 2016 by adding marketing, sales and tourism experiences to the real estate market eager to work and eager to transform the sector with original ideas and adapted to modern trends. We operate in different sectors: - Management of tourist rental at European level - Buying and selling real estate - Investment advice in Spain Through our experience in tourism and the real estate sector we can offer our clients exclusive services, breaking the market with an alternative proposal focused on the use of new online technologies providing added value and a excellent return on investment. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal! Contact us!.
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URBAN3 is formed by specialist in the real estate sector for more than 20 years. It Is formed by a real estate technician, urban lawyer and other professionals (translators of different languages, commercial,. ). We mainly dedicate ourselves to the luxury home, whether it be sale of new construction or vacation apartments. We Also sell large areas to investors such as: hotels, buildings, floors, premises, warehouses,. Everything to invest and build a new business and life in Malaga and Province. Our clients are usually foreigners to whom we help them to choose the house that best suits them; Sending them all the necessary information of the place where they will live or to stay a few weeks. URBAN3 offers unique products, deluxe, professionalism, experience, training and education. Write us and we will gladly assist you.
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Our company is made up of people who are experts in the real estate sector, with extensive knowledge of our area and a wide portfolio of clients and contacts.
We are professionals and work to offer the best services so that you can quickly find your home, farm or any property you want to buy or rent.
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RE/MAX Urbe III, is a franchised company belonging to the RE/MAX Urbe Group. The success of RE/MAX is due to a management system capable of attracting and retaining the best sellers, based on motivation, making it easier for them to develop their full potential, and incentives, with the highest possible remuneration.
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RE/MAX Urbe III, is a franchised company belonging to the RE/MAX Urbe Group. The success of RE/MAX is due to a management system capable of attracting and retaining the best sellers, based on motivation, making it easier for them to develop their full potential, and incentives, with the highest possible remuneration.
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RE/MAX Urbe III, is a franchised company belonging to the RE/MAX Urbe Group. The success of RE/MAX is due to a management system capable of attracting and retaining the best sellers, based on motivation, making it easier for them to develop their full potential, and incentives, with the highest possible remuneration.
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Liberbank is the bank constituted by the Group Cajastur, Caja de Extremadura and Caja Cantabria, which contribute the assets and liabilities of the banking business (excluding those pertaining to the social work of each box ) and through conducting financial business through indirect means.
The bank operates under the brand Liberbank in financial markets and trade network in the territories outside the originating regions of the entities that are part of the group.
Liberbank has a national presence, being the leader in the retail markets of Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura.
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We have many reasons for you to trust us, but three define us:.
Warranty. We are a consolidated and recognized agency, with visibility in the leading portals of the sector.
Advice. We offer commitment and trust. All our experience is put at the service of our customers.
Professional accompaniment We travel with our customers all the way, because they are our priority.
We take care of the provision of real estate brokerage services, based on personalized attention according to the needs of each client.
We bet on a close service and total satisfaction.
We have the best offer of properties. In our network new properties are incorporated daily and we offer experience and techniques to get the best negotiation.
The goal of Alfa Acacias has always been to offer its clients a personalized and complete service that covers all their real estate and financial needs, based on the principles of honesty, transparency and trust.
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Personalized and customized service.
At Alfa Russian Estate we work day after day to improve our services and offer you 110%.
From guided tours, city tours, profitability studies, 3D projects, construction, architects, interior designers, translators.
For our team there are no limits.
There are people who have needs and we must help them fulfill our promise.
Investing in a property we want it to be like going to the beach, we want you to just enjoy the experience, our agents will take care of everything.
Welcome to Alfa Russian Estate.
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Company that has been in the real estate market for more than 10 years that is at the forefront of the latest technologies to make the customer easier and more comfortable to find your property and an excellent team of experts, integrated by the commercial department , legal, economic, technical and projects.
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Invermax belongs to Alquiler Seguro Grupo, a business holding company with a high specialization in the residential real estate sector. More than 90,000 customers position us as leaders in the residential market.
We are experts in the integral management in the sale of homes and commercial premises with more than 15 years of experience in the Spanish real estate sector. Our team of professionals provides our clients with the best solutions with the aim of meeting the needs they demand in Madrid, Barcelona and the main coastal areas of Spain.
We offer a personalized treatment to all our clients by assigning them a personal advisor throughout the sales process. Every day we work to accompany you throughout the management of the sale of your property. At Invermax we invest effort and dedication in the real estate projects of those who request our services.
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Developer in Palacio
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Buy a house in Spain with GVRE Directly from the construction company. Buying your home directly from the builder will not only save you money by taking away intermediaries (up to 6%), but also by talking directly to the builder. As we establish a direct contact with the constructor, you can communicate with it when you want to get all the information directly from the source. An agent may not have detailed or thorough knowledge about the house especially related to matters related to the architecture and engineering involved. Dealing directly with the builder can give a better idea of the technical aspects, materials used, etc. On a flat, when it's still being built What are the advantages of buying a house on a plan when you are still planning or building? Again, the price. The principle is simple: the further away from the termination of the property, the lower the price. In addition, since 70% of the purchase price of the apartments should only be paid at the time of delivery, you have enough time to find out how to finance the property. But not only that, you can also be sure of the quality, as the new REGULATION of EU construction guarantees a high standard of quality And last but not least, you are buying a property that allows a modern lifestyle: the design and materials correspond to the latest trends: light materials, open environment, large panoramic windows, etc. And being the first to buy, you can still choose the property that best suits your desires in the residential complex. Not having to worry about anything Buying a home is a big problem, and the buying process can be quite overwhelming, even more so in a foreign country. Our main goal is to connect people interested in buying a home with the construction company, however, we can add all the complementary services from the pick-up at the airport for the final visit of your new selected home to the care of all the necessary paperwork related to buying it to furnish your new home according to your needs without having to worry about anything. Then when you come here, you come to enjoy!.
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If you want to sell or rent, we are as always prepared. Its outstanding property, entrust their marketing, we offer a personal and unique.
Times change and we want to change as well and we do better, we want to improve our health, our work, our synergy and prove that we remain a leader in the real estate business of Alcobendas.
Take away, see different perspectives, provide solutions and seek new approaches that help us all to take more fruitful paths with renewed energy.
We have the solution!.
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RE / MAX GRUPO URBE is the # 1 multi-office of RE / MAX in Spain. Its headquarters are located in the office of RE / MAX URBE, in the Plaza de Olvide nº10, in Madrid.
RE / MAX URBE is the # 1 sales office of RE / MAX in Spain in the years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017; and nº1 of Madrid in income in the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Ranked # 14 in Europe in revenues among 1800 offices in 36 countries; and the position nº10 by number of associates.
In Madrid there are also RE / MAX URBE III (calle Cavanilles, 21. 28007 · Madrid), RE / MAX URBE IV (Calle Getafe, nº 2-4, 28912 · Leganés · Madrid), and RE / MAX URBE V (street Vital Aza, nº 27); RE / MAX URBE II is located in Valencia (Isabel La Católica street nº8, office 66. 46004 · Valencia).
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ARTY CONSULTORES, was born as a group of companies that brings its experience to provide a global service and provide solutions, with a marked and strong roots in the real estate sector and in the field of insurance as well as in the world of the company. With more than 20 years of experience in these sectors and with a human team trained and specialized to provide you with the solutions that our client demands at all times.
REAL ESTATE CONSULTING. - Sale and rental of real estate.
MANAGEMENT OF PATRIMONIOS. - giving a comprehensive service of its properties with total agility and transparency for your rest.
INSURANCE AGENCY, a wide range of service in all aspects as well as our insurance RENT PROTECTION, with which we can say that you will have ZERO PROBLEMS.
BUSINESS ADVISORIA. - Accounting / Fiscal, Labor, Search for financing and business aid, creation and restructuring of companies.
A REAL ESTATE CONSULTING at the level of the Community of Madrid in which we give REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS for both sale and rent, as well as a large portfolio of banking assets of the first financial institutions A wide and personalized insurance lines in which from the most conventional to our RENTAL PROTECTION insurance, one of the newest and most attractive on the market which offers a wide coverage to both tenant and owner, of a quick and simple processing in which it offers total coverage to guarantee the safety of the rental.
Security and experience for Entrepreneurs (Autonomous and Companies that need external financial and business services, providing the knowledge of all our team in different sectors.
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At Alcalá Inmobiliaria we know from experience that the trust of a client is the essential requirement to achieve the result that you want from our management. When it's also someone who's going to make one of the most important investments of their life, that trust should be absolute. Therefore, we put at your disposal all human resources and the most advanced technologies to make your management with Alcalá Inmobiliaria a success.
Your peace of mind is worth too much. And choosing real estate can never become a lottery.
Facilities of Alcalá Inmobiliaria:.
EVERYTHING YOU EXPECT from your real estate. And, much more.
A business manager specialized in your application; It will study your specific case with you, make the necessary selection and accompany you throughout the subsequent decision-making process. Objective and professional, you will be your interlocutor and trusted person. It will make sure that you meet the deadlines marked for the purchase and sale of your property.
Exclusive access to a large portfolio of real estate; Offering you the possibility to choose is not a luxury but a necessity without wanting to get it right in your choice. Therefore, we provide you with the largest offer of all kinds of homes and properties for sale in the requested area. Whether in the case of buying from individuals, promotions or acquisition of bank property.
Multidisciplinary team; Whether you need help and advice on all kinds of topics, our specialized departments will analyze your case and offer you a proposal tailored to your needs. Your case is unique, so our service is personalized in all areas you need.
Support from negotiating specialists; Our professionals specialized in trading techniques will accompany and advise you during the process. The goal will be to get the most advantageous deal for you.
Own financial department; To manage and process the mortgage to the buyer of the property. We achieved this in 95% of cases. Even with 100% funding!.
Completion of all necessary legal procedures; We process for you all notary, bank, documentation, capital gains, supplies and closing of purchase and sale. Get a big weight off me!.
Contemplate, no surprises; If you wish to buy with full guarantee, our technical team will advise you. Co inspections to confirm the state of conservation of the property and ensure that every detail is under control. Maximum confidence. 100% tranquility.
Marketing plan for your personalized home; Our team specialized in Real Estate Marketing, will study the sale of your home and plan the most appropriate visibility plan to achieve your goals within the set term.
Multichannel promotion of your property; We will assure you online and offline presence. In the main networks and real estate portals of online sale. With visibility in the 4 offices of Alcalá Inmobiliaria located, at street level, in key points. Promoting the sale of the property through a sign in the house itself, with the organization of a real estate safari and open days.
We help you get ready for sale; With the help of decorating professionals, your home will look even more and stand out among the other properties for sale. We will also include, the realization of a professional photographic report.
360o virtual tour of the house; We will create a video with 360o panorama to show the house you want to buy, sell or rent, as you can't imagine. An experience to visualize the house in detail that will save you time and travel. If you're a seller, it'll be your big selling 'argument. ' If you are a buyer, you will feel directly 'at home'.
When it comes to performing a management such as selling or buying your property, all precautions are few. We know. Therefore, in Alcalá Inmobiliaria we want you, from the first moment, to feel that you are in the best hands.
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I -Sol Business is now an international multidisciplinary organization that provides a full service real estate consulting. Our goal is to offer solutions and competitive advantages to our customers and subsequent efforts to meet demand.
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Our business is not the houses, are the people.
From the beginning we devised an agency with the doors open to anyone who needs professional intermediary. We turn fully with those who want to join, whether provides its property as if you are looking for. In fact our mission is to unite them.
The time we spend is to spare her another. We are constantly interacting and the way we get to remember experiences because we are passionate about our work.
So we value each of our achievements: all reach the desired result.
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Other professional in Madrid
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Rent of studios and apartments in Madrid for short and long stay in the best areas of the city center without agency fees.
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Rely on the professionals of Grupo RE / MAX Jumbo, professionals who day by day are trained to offer the most professional real estate service in the sector and that have made RE / MAX the Best Company to Work for in 2012. Either to buy, sell or start a new business, GRUPO RE / MAX JUMBO is the solution you are looking for!.
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