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Real estate in Los Majuelos-Taco, San Cristóbal de La Laguna (district)

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At Keller Williams Acerco Tenerife we are dedicated to the purchase, sale and rental of any type of property and we have a wide real estate offer of New and Second Hand Homes, among the most common: apartments, flats, houses, chalets, townhouses, duplex, semi-detached, garages, commercial premises, land and industrial buildings, rural, solar farms, hotels, shopping centers, residences and business transfers.
We also have properties for sale of funds and banks with very good financing conditions and price.
At Inmobiliaria Keller Williams Acerco we are experts in the search for all kinds of mortgage financing, we work with financial institutions and reference banks so we can offer you the best conditions and solutions adapted to your needs, multicurrency mortgage, mortgages for children under 35 years, mortgage adequacy to have a more comfortable fee and get a better interest rate.
Our best guarantee is the customers who have already passed through our offices since 2002 that we have worked with the Centrocredit brand.
If you are looking for a personalized, transparent and agile treatment in your real estate or financial operations, we await you.
We are members of ACEGI, an association formed by more than 107 real estate companies in the Canary Islands that we work under the BOICAN shared sales system and can work more than 700 collaborating agents in all the Canary Islands, we are also nationally members of FAI (Federation of Real Estate Associations) and Fadei to offer you help anywhere in the Spanish territory.
This makes it easier for our clients to carry out the sales with a lower investment in effort and time than in a traditional real estate company.
We are specialists in the sale between individuals, new construction, second-hand housing, plots, land and ships with the best investment guarantees on the market.
For the needs of extension of services we have a continuous staff selection process, we offer commercial contract and initial training.
We're waiting for you, come and see us!.
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