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Real estate in Lorca

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Spanish Home is a family business / real estate company, from Belgium in Spain. We speak Dutch, English, French and Spanish. We are located in Lorca, Murcia, near the border with Andalusia. We have been working in the real estate sector since 1998 and sell real estate to clients all over the world. For more than 30 years, the important thing has always been the customer, every detail counts, every customer counts. We work tailor-made for the customer, tailored from start to finish. From our headquarters in Lorca (near the border of Almería, Andalusia) we work throughout the municipality of Lorca. Purias, The Parish, Almendricos,. They are also part of our region. Thanks to our central location, we are also active in the province of Almería, in cities such as Vélez-Rubio and Vélez-Blanco but also the coastal cities of Almería and Aguilias are within our area of work.
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Construction company in Lorca
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Hamilton Leon is a fusion of British management and Spanish building expertise. Our directors have a combined experience of over 38 years in villa design and construction and our philosophy is very simple:.
Do the best work possible and make our clients smile!.
'We will do whatever it takes to provide the best solutions for our clients and our very top priority is to see our clients happy with the work we have done. After designing and building over 40 villas, we are still learning and aim to keep improving. Experience is key and this is one of the reasons I have partnered with Blas Segura Leon, who has built over 100 properties in the Murcia region.
Our aim is simply to help our clients. We are not an estate agent, but help our clients sell by optimising their property within the competitive set. We are very proud that the first resale villa we improved sold on the very first viewing.
We are neither an English builder nor are we a Spanish builder. We are both and we like to think we can bring together the best parts of both worlds. ”.
Mike Hamilton – BA hons in International Business Management.
“I partnered with Mike because we share the same philosophy - Do outstanding work and when our clients are happy, we are happy. ”.
Blas Segura Leon – Construction director.
Whether it is adding a swimming pool or finding the right land to design a bespoke villa, personal customer service and efficient management mean that for our clients, building their dream home or even designing a garden is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We count on the best lawyers, architects, engineers, topographers and material suppliers to work with us to make each and every client's experience with us enjoyable and rewarding.
So – we are an English / Spanish builder based in Lorca, Murcia. We help our clients with everything from repairing a broken tap to designing a world class villa on a 5 acre plot of land. We enjoy our work and our clients enjoy working with us and that is the most important thing for us. Most of our projects come from word of mouth so we thank our clients for their recommendations!.
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At INVERINTELIA We are dedicated to the design and marketing of high quality homes, located in charming locations, mainly in La Manga del Mar Menor and surrounding areas. The people who formed the Inverintelia team have been working in the sector for more than 20 years as employees of other companies, with clients looking for homes in Spain as a second residence but living outside the country. It Is now in the 2019 that we have decided to combine our experience and know how to put our own project in place. Our designs and homes are aimed at those looking for high quality homes in quiet places but with all the services and with unbeatable views.
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Apiventas born as a business reality of the founding will of several professionals Real Estate Agents - APIs- implanted in the Region of Murcia.
The experience of more than ten years has led to the reflection that in order to achieve efficiency it is necessary to combine their efforts, structures, strategies and knowledge in order to achieve greater know-how combined in a higher business reality. To do this, Apiventas is created.
With several offices in the Region of Murcia, Apiventas has become the leading global services and real estate group in our geographical area and thanks to our large client portfolio we can offer you what we know best: SELL SOON AND AT THE BEST PRICE and BUY WITH WARRANTY AND RAPIDITY.
We are part of a group of 70 real estate agencies in the Region of Murcia.
We all work in Multiexclusiva, that is, we force ourselves to SHARE for an impeccable treatment to our proprietary clientsAlmost 300 real estate agents will offer their know-how, their portfolio of prequalified customers, their advice on housing and market prices. BUT the owner will only interact with one of our APIVENT agents (= 300 Agents at the owner's service and only 1 interlocutor ).
The owner always has the last word. We will present you the offers, he will decide. We force ourselves to present any type of offer in a timely manner.
We are Advisors to the Seller and we work for and to achieve your interests. In a completely separate way we also advise the buyer, but with a different interlocutor.
We know the market, we are Zone Experts.
We carry out an exhaustive Market Analysis (ACM). We have real sale witnesses (the witnesses that are advertised are unsold homes, although all information is relevant).
We make an EXCLUSIVE Marketing Plan for your home. This plan is totally innovative and any owner is surprised when we show himWe obligate ourselves to keep the owner informed of each step made within that Marketing Plan, in the terms determined jointly.
We offer the maximum diffusion and exhibition of the property (on line and off line). Any owner will be surprised by the techniques we use to attract potential buyers (Open House, Safaris. ) and, although they might sound those techniques, we are specialists in their execution.
Our search engine of buyers or tenants or, what is equal, our extensive goodwill or database of buyers, will be crossed with the incorporation of your home. We will start here.
We love that the owners ask for us and request as many references as they deem appropriate. We offer 'zero' disappointments.
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