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Real estate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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Becker, the trade name of our family business, was established in 1999.
From the very beginning it has been our policy to apply transparent and consistent criteria in our business as Estate Agents. We pride ourselves in clearly stating our reasonable fees for the sale and rental of property to all parties concerned.
Part of our strength is keeping up-to-date with changing legislation and taxation thus maximising the benefits to our clients and avoiding potential problems. This includes looking at advantages and disadvantages in taxation, entries in the Land Registry, rental contracts etc.
Owing to our German ancestry, we routinely serve our foreign clients in both German and English. We are therefore able to offer additional services such as help in starting a new business, completion and retrieval of official documentation, issues relating to inheritance of estates etc.
As well as our estate agency business, we are insurance agents marketing all Allianz insurance products dealing with home and property insurance, car and motorcycle insurance, health insurance etc. We also offer Allianz’s financial products such as guaranteed investment plans, retirement plans, guaranteed saving plans etc.
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Founded in 1973 in Denver, Colorado, this new concept is based on a system designed to recruit and retain the best vendors in the market, providing them with fundamental support and support for the development of their business, where their results depend directly on their ability of work. This system works since then, explaining the success achieved by RE / MAX in 5 continents in more than 73 countries and close to 120,000 agents worldwide. RE / MAX Lanzagorta we have set up a team of agents with a high level of training, motivated, professional and experienced, to provide a service of the highest quality. We work to make your real estate experience comfortable and reliable.
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- Number 1 in growth: With the opening of one new agency every 3 days.
- Number 1 Properties of banks: With more than 100,000 properties from banks and financial institutions.
- Part 1 in Funding: Thousands of properties with mortgages guaranteed 100% to 110% mortgages, interest rates and lower monthly payments market, etc.
- Number 1 in Volume: Thousands of properties with more than 50% discount and up to 80% of the advertised price.
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In Bellevue Canarias we offer qualitative properties in the best places on the island of Gran Canaria. We speak English, German, Russian and Spanish and publish your property in the most important international markets. Professionalism, enthusiasm and a high level of service endorse sour day. If you want to sell or rent your property or find your new home, we will be happy to help you.
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If you want to buy in Gran Canaria, do not hesitate to contact me to get information of interest of the local real estate market. Inmobiliaria Javayon specializes in finding home, whether it is buying or long-term rental. Legal advice, tax information,, financial advice. Do not hesitate, send me an email now and I'll see how I can help you.
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Buscando. CASA is a leader, young and dynamic company formed by the best real estate professionals in the market.
It s specialized in commercialization and real estate investments, both residential and commercial.
Buscando. CASA has a wide range of real estate for new and second hand homes, villas and rural homes throughout the province, rentals and transfers, all with the best economic guarantees of the market up to 100% of credit or mortgage.
Since its inception, it is one of the real estate companies with the greatest prestige and professional reputation in its area due to its confidentiality in the use of information, its professional integrity and its customer service.
The agency, located in the emblematic area of ​​Vegueta, in the historic center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, offers its clients its knowledge of the local real estate market, and manages to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients, both Spanish and foreign.
Buscando. CASA It aims to obtain the best conditions for your client and perform the operations with total clarity and transparency and in the shortest possible time, for this reason we have a specialized department. A dedicated consultancy with engineers, architects, lawyers and prosecutors within our same structure that allows us to offer an integral 360 degree service.
Thanks to our computer system we can access the widest offer and demand of the market and find with all guarantees the best option to satisfy your needs. Participating in several MLS and publishing in more than 40 real estate portals, national and international.
Buscando. CASA is a pioneer in the Canary Islands with its own system and scans of 3D real estate with Matterport technology, exponentially enhancing the sales possibilities and the convenience of visiting for future buyers.
This trajectory of service has provided a recognized prestige within the sector, as well as a magnificent set of satisfied clients for whom Buscando. CASA is your trusted Real Estate Consultant.
Our business is not houses, it's people.
We do not teach houses, but we serve people: we solve their doubts with the clear and correct information.
We hope to continue with the service addressed to you in this new stage, for which we have improved our facilities and our human team, being able to assist you in Spanish, Italian and English.
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The Commitment of Pebble & Asociados, Real Estate Consultancy is to stay at the forefront of the real estate industry doing everything possible to anticipate their real estate needs and exceed their expectations. Do You Want To Sell or Invest in a Property? Or discover how we can help you find your next property to rent or buy in Spain today.
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We base our business on trust and personal attention. We don't want to lose close contact with the client and that's why Susan Wolf's team is made up of a small number of consultants. Our goal is not to achieve a large uncontrollable portfolio of product, nor to be the largest. It is and will be to offer the most exquisite service to both parties in the process of real estate sales. To do this we use the best tools and a human team focused on excellence.
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The real estate agency, n·1 in transactions, in Spain since 2007.
We are experts in dealing with internacional clients thanks to we speak more than 15 languajes. The Group RE/MAX Arcoiris is going to find your dreamed home in this paradise called Canary Islands.
We are a very solid and professional company with 12 years of experience in the sector.
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CENTURY 21 Capital LPA Since we provide our broad portfolio of properties both for sale and for rent in Las Palmas. If on the other hand you are looking to sell or rent your property please contact us, we have a large number of professionals to help you through the process. Feel free to stop by our office located at Avenida Jose Mesa y Lopez 86, Guanarteme, Las Palmas, we will advise in the sale, rental or purchase of your apartment, house or business. Selling or buying a home is one of the most important operations of life, please hands of professionals who advise him throughout the process.
Related Topics: flat, buy, sell, real estate, buying a home, looking house, homes for sale, homes for sale, sale of flats, houses for sale, Las Palmas, Guanarteme, rent, Mesa and Lopez.
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The best rated real estate agent HZ is a guarantee of confidence for the seller and the buyer, who knows that each operation is supervised by our legal department. Hz Inmobiliaria has 30 years of experience in the Canary market and is full member of the only professional body certified by the Spanish Government, 'Association of Real Estate Agents', collegiate API 183. Your house sold our own legal cabinet is formed by law graduates who will watch for their interest and will facilitate at any time the information and documentation necessary for their sale operation, as drafting contracts, certificates Officers, states of charges, certification of non-debtor, contracts, proofs and invoices of all payments.
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HZ Real estate with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and the greatest guarantees of success, SELECTIONS commercial, coordinators and team leaders. We offer the best conditions of the market, guaranteed income with commercial policy of incentives and advances to account of results, commercial contract, innovative training and the backing of a great team that will support you from day one.
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More than a property.
Our business is not the houses, are the people.
From the beginning we devised an agency with the doors open to anyone who needs professional intermediation. We turn fully with those who want to take part, whether offering your property as if you are looking for. In fact our mission is to unite them.
The time we spend is to spare her another. We are constantly interacting and along the way we got experiences to remember because we love our job.
Therefore we value each of our achievements: reach the desired result by all.
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The best rated real estate agent HZ is a guarantee of confidence for the seller and the buyer, who knows that each operation is supervised by our legal department. Hz Inmobiliaria has 30 years of experience in the Canary market and is full member of the only professional body certified by the Spanish Government, 'Association of Real Estate Agents', collegiate API 183. Your house sold our own legal cabinet is formed by law graduates who will watch for their interest and will facilitate at any time the information and documentation necessary for their sale operation, as drafting contracts, certificates Officers, states of charges, certification of non-debtor, contracts, proofs and invoices of all payments.
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Real Estate Company since 1999, specializing in property management, sales, leases and transfers in Las Palmas capital, mostly in the Guanarteme, Mesa y López, Playa de las Canteras and vicinity.
Our mission is to give the right advice at all times our clients to make the best decisions for their interests.
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We are in the real estate business for several years in different activities. Since 1994.
We have trained and developed part of this time in large real estate networks. All this time they allowed us to know the best international business models, including those from U. S. States. , Canada, Portugal, etc. And have marketing strategies and first class services.
We believe that the traditional business model exists so far in our country must change and is insufficient to satisfy and meet the needs of users of our services.
We have made progress, we are pioneers. Our business is based on providing real estate services of the highest quality. WE ADVISE YOU DECIDE.
Our staff currently consists of commercial secretary, four Realtors a director and a Broker.
We are a member of the BAG CANARY ISLANDS PROPERTY OFFICER, this is a pact between different companies that share real estate transactions. Over 80% of our Real Estate operations are shared. The most important thing for us is to make sales in the shortest possible time for that always share all of our properties for sale with all real estate.
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Tinamar PROJECTS SA, born in early 1990, with a clear goal of permanence in time. Since its foundation, its management team, holder of a long and consolidated experience in the construction industry, defined the basic principles of leadership and management of the company (accountability, rigor, work, respect, reliability, security, commitment) that were and remain valid today, getting your application having the prestige and recognition of our customers, banks, suppliers, employees and associates.
In this area as complex as is the development, construction and real estate, which converge a myriad of disciplines and regulations, and involved many partners, it is essential to mastery, knowledge and performance of different materials that rigorous and coordinated approach, successfully achieved, the final product that consumers demand.
As a basic principle, and in order to ensure consumer confidence and safety throughout the production process to meet customer expectations and delivering a mean quality product under the conditions and terms agreed, the company has invested in expense of a greater volume of business, development and control of the process, putting the three main activities of DISCOUNT, CONSTRUCTION AND SALE, to ensure the buyer communication and deal with one party, which also has the absolute power of decision and responsibility for the whole process and the final product.
The recognition, respect and full compliance with the rights granted to the client in the tract of this type of trade relations that bind to feelings of enthusiasm and effort to achieve a home, staple or investment, strengthen us day day the notion that their confidence in our firm, must be matched by a rigorous assistance, information and implementation of all regulations to safeguard your investment and guarantees.
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Solyvista Real Estate Services, we are a young and dynamic company designed to meet the needs of our customers with all our efforts and effectiveness.
In addition, the company is formed by a large team of staff whose goal is to offer a wide range of real estate, advise and help in their search through a continuous monitoring of you our customers to get what they want.
In addition to devote to sales, we also offer the possibility to manage all financial processes, all matters relating to public housing, appraisals, mortgage and free advice from us, offering the best warranty.
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Professionals at your service to sell, buy or trade their homes. Buy, exchange and building lots.
Technically educated and trained specialists to perform with maximum efficiency any kind of property management.
2025 In Las Palmas we understand the responsibility that comes with our work and sensitive to the concerns experienced by those who need a place to live or sell your home to consider new options for the future.
Over 10 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers behind us.
Our philosophy: respect for our clients, professional honesty and efficiency in our work.
Our system: offer unique advantages to our clients, with real guarantees and commitments, in writing.
Today, his prestige has been created from an organization based on professional equipment of all types to serve our customers with reliability, security, reliability and professionalism demonstrated throughout time.
The result, proven for you to sell, buy, rent your home or enjoy any other real estate service with us.
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Sell ​​Real Estate offers a wide range of properties both new construction and resale and rent in different locations.
Sell ​​Real Estate is a center whose teams are made ​​up of dedicated professionals with experience in Integrated Marketing Management and Sales Promotion of New Development and Housing Used in different areas of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
We advise that you do not have any problem when you decide to purchase your property. To do this , we provide all the information you need. If you have any questions, please contact us , we will resolve it gladly.
We study their needs, economic conditions , their demands and offer you the best solution.
If you want to sell, do not hesitate. We offer a serious and professional service and publication of your property in real estate magazines and online , to get the best price for you.
We have the illusion that people who deposit their trust in us , recognize us as a serious , professional and above all human endeavor , because the numbers are important but people are much more.
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ST Canarias Real offers a wide range of properties in the Canary Islands.
Building plots from € 24,000, apartments from € 30,000, apartments with sea views from € 50,000, houses with a plot from € 80,000. In our database there are more than 2500 objects of any type: commercial real estate (shopping centers, tourist complexes, hotels, lots, warehouses, offices, restaurants, cafe-bars, turnkey businesses), houses with plots, duplexes, apartments , apartments, studios. We guarantee the selection of the most advantageous offer in the real estate market, full support and execution of all the necessary documents before and after the purchase and sale. Our buyer services are completely free.
The largest real estate base in the Canary Islands.
Official real estate agent in the Canary Islands Vadim Syroezhko.
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