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Real estate in L'Eixample, Valencia (district)

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In its 10 years of history, Helice Inmobiliaria has been able to adjust and evolve along with the real estate offer and trends of foreign and Valencian public creating thus new models of real estate business. This is how Helice has become a prestigious benchmark of the second transmission real estate market to position itself as one of the most recognized Premium agencies of the Valencian capital. Rigorously personalized attention and complete management of operations such as the offer of various properties, financial advice, and negotiation processes and legal procedures in different languages have allowed Helice to continue to increase its a broad portfolio of clients, both national and international. In addition, as an agency belonging to the Collegiate of real estate agents, it receives the support of one of the most prestigious law firms in Valencia, so Helice Inmobiliaria is maximum guarantee of confidence in the real estate market.
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We are the brand of your house.
Sky properties is a comprehensive real estate company with extensive experience in real estate.
Our human team has managed and marketed, jointly and separately, over 4000 homes, land development projects, hotels or golf courses.
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Housing company specialized in medium-high level, in the city of valencia and alicante.
Worldwide access through international advertising contracts.
And our website, www. Lchinmobiliaria. Com ,.
Cross-selling our offices ,.
Maximizing time and performance.
In our services, you can find everything you need to make a change of housing, banking, move, schools, home service, any thing you can not perform.
Nos defined our serious discrepcion.
Also have a web sale to put the family muebes.
No longer want to use. Etc.
Chef service delivery.
Tel. 670 66 70 36 - fax: 96 185 99 20.
E- mail: lchinmobiliaria@ono. Com, lochinmobiliaria@gmail. Com.
Company sp.
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' Vivendi group. Luxury homes and investment properties in Valencia. Comprehensive real estate services. More than 10 years of experience guarantee our management. Luxury real estate '.
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