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Real estate in Ibiza

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IBIZA NOW is a dynamic real estate agency founded by us, Maxim & Antoine, both of Dutch origin. We have more than 10 years of experience in real estate in Spain and Ibiza. We speak different languages like English, Spanish, German and Dutch. Because of our experience and personality, we will make sure that the search for your property is a happy journey. In today's hectic market we believe that customers need personalized attention. Quality is our priority. We are pleased to share with you our best selection of contacts, such as lawyers, architects and builders, that we have developed over the years to provide you with the best advice. In addition to our own portfolio, we work together with other agencies, so choosing Ibiza Now, your real estate agent in Ibiza, will save you a lot of time by allowing us to do the research for you.
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We offer real estate solutions that improve the environment around them, from functionality and good taste. Belisla is a company constituted by partners and professionals of national and international profile, with extensive experience in the sectors of real estate development, engineering and construction, investment banking and venture capital, strategic consulting and management Companies. Belisla is an open firm, articulated around the principles of independence, entrepreneurship, partnership, innovation and flexibility. Our segment is the intermediate market, a space for growth, for new ambitions, for creative and innovative spirits. We grow with our customers, share their mindset and build very long-term relationships with them. Belisla, in turn, intervenes horizontally in all business areas that can generate value for its clients throughout the real estate sector, giving a differentiated and value-added advice service in a wide range of alternative proposals such such as direct investment, financing search, asset purchase and sale, real estate wealth management, structured financing advice, delegated promotion, etc.
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Ibiza My Property, with ten years of experience in the real estate sector of Ibiza, we form a team that has immediately acquired a reputation for leadership thanks to a clear understanding of the business, professional reliability and customer service.
Born from a group of people with international professional experience, we have developed a deep knowledge of the island of Ibiza, supported by a constant focus on the changes required by the market and necessary to maintain efficiency and winning results.
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EIVITERRA ESTATES offers overall service and personal assistance in all Real Estate affairs. The entire process of purchase, sale or rental of properties is carried out professionally. We know Ibiza since 1983 and work in cooperation with notaries, lawyers, banks, agents and other professionals.
You are welcome to contact us. We will be pleased to attend you.
We speak Spanish, English and German.
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Ibiza Country Villas has more than 20 years of history, offers its customers comprehensive service from the first visit to the total registration of your property.
Our philosophy is to give our best.
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IBIZA GLOBAL PRESTIGE is a family business with Elena Mari Vinets to cabeza. Ella, with over 15 years experience in the industry has known transimir devotion to their children for a job well done.
Now with the addition of these: Helena and Joan Torres strive for excellence not only in real estate but in different fields such as holding events, photography, audiovisuales. Así will help you make the best purchase you can imagine, we create events exclusive for all budgets and will make 100% custom reports.
You imagine it, we'll get 'create illusions, we fulfill dreams. '.
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In the group La Sabina we put all our professionalism and our knowledge to find the property you are looking for. We are a young company with a wide experience in the real estate sector. The close, professional and personalized treatment define us. We accompany you in the whole process of buying-selling or renting, from the first contact to the firm and subsequent administrative arrangements. We know the residential and commercial market well. We specialize in properties of San Antonio and Ibiza. We offer you the most varied properties: flats, houses, chalets, duplexes, attics, premises, industrial buildings, farms, solar. And much more.
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We are a Real Estate agency specialised in premium residential segment in Ibiza, offering luxury and prestigious apartments and villas for sale or rent. We are one of the few Real Estate Agencies on the island selling the land with the building permission & licence and providing an advice regarding property market. Our work ethic is always respecting the parameters of confidentiality, seriousness and confidence.
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KL Casas, born with strength and enthusiasm to be able to transmit the needs of its customers and owners. Located its two agencies in the Basque Country and Ibiza in order to meet your requests. It characterizes our teamwork, complementing us to achieve the proposed objectives. To provide a direct and personalized attention to each of the customers, in order to know better their dreams and realities. Build trust through friendly, transparent and predictable treatment that allows us, over time, to obtain the satisfaction and preference of the people. Overcome ourselves day by day to respond, more and more efficiently, to the demands of the market and our customers.
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We offer the best integral management to our clients through an exclusive and totally confidential service in the rental and sale of properties, luxury services, as well as the personalized advising in the management of their holidays in Ibiza.
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We firmly believe in teamwork. We help each other in order to a common goal, to make our customers' dreams come true. This, together with solid experience, transparency and impeccable ethical conduct, allows us to make our mission possible: to provide our clients with personalized and comprehensive real estate advice oriented to a quality service.
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Are you interested in selling or renting your property with us?.
Royal Estates Ibiza offers exclusive services related to the sale and rental of your property. We remove the rental of your property completely from your hands, thanks to our experience we can advise and guide you accordingly.
Selling your property involves a lot of work, so we offer services that alleviate your concerns, supporting you at the following points:.
- Mapping of technical aspects such as floor plans and administration.
- Make professional photos and a video of your property.
- Our presence and orientation on all scheduled visits.
- Share your property with our real estate colleagues in Ibiza and other real estate agents throughout Spain.
- Organize an open day.
- Placement of your property on our website and if you wish on several portals.
- Support the process, including visiting your lawyer, notary, architect and other support parties.
Royal Estates Ibiza goes one step further. We offer our customers the opportunity to choose a buying guide while searching for the house of their dreams in Ibiza. Reliability and transparency are paramount.
There are many aspects of buying a property where we are happy to support you from start to finish Our agents will help you in your own language to create the best and clearest picture possible before proceeding to the official purchase of your property.
Among the important issues in which we support are the scheduling of visits in which we will be personally present, the legal process, the notary matters and the technical aspects. To begin with, we will plan an extensive interview with you to sketch as clear as possible of where your wishes are regarding your dream home.
Together with you we will explore the full range of properties available in Ibiza. Then we make a proposal and review it in detail with you. We discuss all aspects so that you know before your arrival what properties you will see and at what time. We will also inform you in advance about the technical status of the selected properties, which will save you valuable time.
To make your holiday in Ibiza an unforgettable experience, we offer you several services. We work closely with our partners to follow our customers in every step. You can make use of these services by booking them with us before or during your holiday. To make sure the service you need is still available, we recommend that you make your reservation in time.
Below are all the services we offer Do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities!.
Would you like to be picked up during your stay in a very luxurious car to go to your favorite restaurant or hotel? Or would you like to explore the island without having to drive yourself? Then choose a private driver who is ready to pick you up anytime!.
Don't you want to cook or are you looking for someone to make you something special? Our wide selection of private chefs will make it possible! Our chefs are ready for you to prepare an excellent dinner in your villa, but a delicious breakfast or an extensive lunch is also possible. The chefs take care of all the ingredients and leave the kitchen clean and tidy again!.
If you prefer to travel in a luxurious, private and secret environment with a select group of people, we will be happy to help you book one of the private jets from our large selection. This way you can enjoy the flight to Ibiza without interruption with an aperitif and a drink. Your vacation will begin as soon as you enter the private jet. Upon arrival at Ibiza airport we will make sure that a private chauffeur is ready to take you to the villa.
Would you like to have an extra pair of hands around the villa or on the beach during your stay in Ibiza? Or are you going out for one night? Feel free to hire a babysitter Our partners offer multilingual nannies and are looking for an option that suits your situation, so you can choose a number of hours or a babysitter who can help you take care of 24 hours a day.
Would you like to give as much as possible for a carefree stay? Book during and/or before your stay? If you choose our concierge service, we guarantee personalized advice from your personal assistant that will be at your disposal throughout your stay. You will receive personal advice on the most beautiful beaches and the best restaurants and help you book a table at your favorite restaurant or at one of the famous beach clubs.
Ask us about the different possibilities and prices.
To explore all the beautiful places of the island, you need a car. Most villas are difficult to access by taxi and are not always within walking distance of shops, restaurants and beaches. Depending on your travel companions, we will send you an appropriate rental car offer.
We make sure your car is ready at the airport as soon as you arrive and don't have to make long queues, your vacation can start immediately!.
If you want the experience in Ibiza to be truly complete, it is essential that you take a boat trip Ibiza has beautiful bays, hidden coves and, of course, the beautiful island of Formentera to which you can easily navigate.
You can choose to explore the island from the sea on a classic sailboat, rib or more luxurious motor boat. All ships can be booked with a qualified captain, or if you are in possession of a correct license there is in some cases also the possibility to sail by yourself.
We will be happy to advise you on the right choice according to your wishes.
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'The price is what you pay. Value is what you get'.
We are a responsible team, honest, dynamic, enthusiastic, empathetic and although we are young we have a high level of qualification in the real estate sector, but we still learn more with and for our clients every day.
In our agency you will always find the support you need from the moment you have met us and have decided to hire our services, during the process of sale or rental solving the obstacles that may arise responsively, until the completion of the transaction. At the end of each operation we hope that we have managed to meet your expectations and our greatest reference will be your recommendation.
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Welcome to our Real Estate Estela Exclusive Homes (EEH).
Here are the best deals of the most exclusive luxury properties in Ibiza and Madrid. We'll take care of you at all stages of the process of buying or renting your home to make you feel taken care of with professionalism, kindness, closeness, discretion and confidence.
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Prestige Properties is the leading real estate agency in Ibiza and specializes in luxury properties. With departments specialized in sales, rental, listings and marketing, we pride ourselves on providing the most complete and personalized service to all parties. Our greatest satisfaction comes from yours: our goal, like yours, is to achieve your goals.
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Ibiza, Real Estate agency INMOBILIARIA B&M. In Ibiza for more than 20 years offering the best selection of houses, appartements and plots. We will search for you the best properties at the best price.
We are situated in the center of Ibiza town, in front of Vara de Rey square on the second floor, just on top of zoom foto.
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ELITE REAL ESTATE NETWORK SL is a company dedicated to the conception and realisation of property trade on the Ibiza. Our team disposes of all qualifications to complete Ibiza property deals without any problems. Through engagement and creativity we support buyers and sellers, when elaboration and conversion of manual amendments are required. Luxury villas for sale - Ibiza Houses - Fincas - Apar.