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Real estate in Gran Via (Valencia)

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MAJOR DOMUS firm specializing in brokerage services.
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RE/MAX Urbe II, is a franchised company of the international real estate services company RE/MAX located in the center of Valencia, belongs to the RE/MAX Urbe Group, which make up 3 officians, two of them in Madrid. RE/MAX Urbe II is part of the MLS (Multiple Listing of Real Estate), the Spanish common real estate stock exchange exclusively, which has more than 400 offices in Spain and the Valencia SIC Real Estate Association, which form a stock exchange of shared real estate with more than 65 collaborating agencies in Valencia, which is why it has a large market share within the real estate sector. The success of RE/MAX is due to a management system capable of attracting and retaining the best sellers, based on motivation, making it easier for them to develop their full potential, and incentives, with the highest possible remuneration.
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