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Real estate in Foios

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Realtor Fontestad Lever is a company dedicated to brokering all types of real estate in the l'Horta Nord de Valencia.
Established in its current location and structure since 1999, is one of the real estate companies in the area with more tradition and reputation both for the quality of the products offered, as demonstrated by the seriousness in customer service. This has led us to be, for example, the real estate area leader in the marketing of new developments.
Currently, the company is working on the third generation. We have always designed our company as a 'meeting point' between people who want to sell or rent their homes, and people who are interested in buying or living in those properties. Therefore, our primary mission has always been and is to provide both owners and customers the best service and the most professional care.
In all these years, we have offered our services to thousands of satisfied customers. Our staff has extensive knowledge of the property sector in general, and particularly the area in which we operate. In addition, virtually all people dealing with our clients are collegiate players in the Association of Property Agents in Valencia, and its behavior based on the principles governing the college, which are efficiency and honesty in the transaction estate.
This makes Fontestad Estate Lever is one of the leading companies in the real estate sector in the north of Valencia city, in which we always try to give customers the best and most comprehensive services.