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Real estate in El Campello

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30 years in the Real Estate industry.
Founded by Avram Nebojsa & Verónica Gómez as a family business. Directed by Veronica, with an extensive knowledge acquired for 30 years in the real estate industry of the Costa Blanca and with a reputation that precedes it for its seriousness and good work.
Covering the South and North of the Costa Blanca and the north of Murcia offering properties of Obra Nueva, from villas, apartments, bungalows and townhouses; as well as select resale properties.
Its Belgian and Spanish origins, its knowledge of both serbian culture and the Serbian and English language give Veronica a sensitivity, understanding and closeness to the needs of people coming from other countries, thus being able to guide the client to select the perfect property in the appropriate area. Veronica also has a multilingual team to support you in finding your ideal property.
If you need to expand the property portfolio for you, you will be suggested and arranged visits in collaboration with other agents in the required area.
From the after-sales service it will be attended by the Department of Lawyers that will verify the process from start to finish, making sure it comes to a good end. Alternatively, we may introduce you to an independent law firm if you prefer.
We pride ourselves on providing you with a very personal approach, individualized service and seamless communication.
Veronica's number one rule is: ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH!.
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We are a company incorporated in Elda over 40 years ago, vocationally devoted to the construction and development of homes on the Mediterranean coast. Our philosophy is simple and is based on four main pillars: experience, quality, people and excitement.
The experience of four decades of service quality have been the foundation to improve every day and doing things right the first time. Quality is the efforts and dedication of the people who make up Maisa. We look forward and start creating space in the best environment to enjoy your property on the Costa Blanca (Alicante beaches and El Campello).
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Medcoast Realty is an international real estate company with its headquarters in El Campello, province of Alicante. Our team of professional collectors is constantly dedicated to finding interesting properties for our clients, whether it is a holiday home; for permanent residence; investment opportunity or plot for the personalized construction of your home.
The company was founded by two real estate professionals from the real estate sector, both with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.
Salvador Villar studied law at the University of Alicante and has held positions of Sales Director in several important promoters, established on the Costa Blanca.
Martin Webb is a member of the international organization of real estate professionals known as RICS. He developed his career working in London (1993-2003) and since 2003 he has been working in Spain for several consulting multinationals and international real estate agenciesWhen you start the adventure of buying a property abroad, or in areas you do not know within your own country, the most important first step is to identify the ideal location and visit it, although sometimes the final destination could vary depending on the level of prices in the local market, in addition to personal tastes. You can explore the market on the internet, but you can not replace the scan firsthand.
At Medcoast Realty we strive to make the sales process as comfortable and efficient as possible for our clients. We offer an individualized service of advice and consultancy without commitment, that will help you to orient yourself in different locations; categories of housing (new or second hand), various housing models and price information according to the zones. This service can be done by telephone, however, it is much more efficient to visit our offices where we can show locations and properties on plasma screen, followed by a real tourOnce the preferred location is identified, our team will present you with different properties that we already have in our portfolio, and if we do not have what you are looking for, we will strive to find other options that best suit your criteria.
Our portfolio has both second-hand properties and new construction and are easily accessible through the search engines on our website, by category or combination of several options. We also offer Design and Construction projects for those clients who do not cover their needs in the resale and first hand markets. We will find your ideal plot, and we will help you design and build the house of your dreams.
Our professional and experienced team will guide you safely through the purchase process, in addition to offering an incomparable after-sales serviceOur company's work philosophy is guided by easily recognizable international professional standards as we are guided by the rules established by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS.
In addition to real estate sales services, we can offer professional advice reports, in addition to valuations following the RICS independence rules. Our reports provide comments, advice on the applicable legislation and construction status and licenses. These reviews are of vital importance in any purchase, and much more when it comes to housing in a foreign country, or an area that you do not know; or you know very little, within your own country.
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'Real Estate Services El Campello takes the strain of buying property in Spain' Servicios Inmobiliarios El Campello is a family business based in the town of El Campello. We have over 25 years of experience in the area with the family first establishing roots here in the late 80s. We believe that El Campello really is the jewel in the crown of the Costa Blanca. Our friendly staff have over 20 years of experience dealing with real estate in the El Campello area and its surrounding districts and we invite you to use our knowledge and guidance. Buying a home in any country is a big decision. When the country isn't yours it can be a little intimidating. Here at Real Estate Services El Campello we set out to help you through the different stages of buying your dream home in Spain. We start using our specialized knowledge of the area to find your ideal property. From there we can fix finances, legal knowledge, valuations and even insurance - everything you need to help make buying your dream home as easy as possible. Many companies offer a property in Spain and it is important to deal with someone who does not show you what you want to see, but what THEY want you to buy Most companies (even some high-profile agents) are on high commissions to sell specific products and employ hard selling tactics and non-profit sellers. Offers Real Estate Services El Campello with all kinds of property from re-sale to new developments and will find property to meet your needs, then and only then you should visit the area you have chosen with a small portfolio of properties that you want to see. We believe that the best way to see an area is at your own pace, not in a minibus with more would all be buyers looking for another type of property for you. We do not offer cheap inspection visits, on the other hand, we can help you arrange flights and accommodation on your own and we will be happy to reimburse these costs for you in case you buy your home through us. Just contact us with as long as you would like to spend here and we will help you find the best deal you can! Our company We believe that the three main things we offer our customers are: 1. Honesty 2. Value of money 3. Peace of mind With our knowledge and contacts within the area of El Campello we can meet your particular needs and deliver to you. This is a free service that we make our commission when you buy your dream home at no additional cost - This is how sure we are to find that your dream home we have found over 500 properties for people like you. See customer satisfaction testimonials Once we find you the exact type of property you are looking for in Spain we can offer you a complete professional purchase service.
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Mar de Casas is a company dedicated to the commercialization of real estate in different parts of the Spanish geography and which concentrates its greatest effort in attracting and selling the best homes to later put them into commercialization. Success Mar de Casas During the last years, Mar de Casas has consolidated as one of the references in the real estate sector. There are several factors that have directly contributed to the growth of Mar de Casas, achieving great results thanks to having an unbeatable and dynamic catalog of opportunities. Since its origins in 2012, Mar de Casas has strongly opted for the digital medium.
- Large property portfolio (more than 25,000).
- Maximum professional commitment with our suppliers.
- More than 1000 monthly customers attended.
- Great investment in online and offline media.
- Trust and guarantee towards our customers.
- International presence (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany. ).
- Honesty.
In 2017, one of Mar de Casas' biggest bets was launched in its national expansion, with the opening of a first physical store in Madrid Capital.
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Our real estate works in the area of the Costa Blanca, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea.
We are a young company in the sector and therefore we are dedicated solely to finding the property you are looking for, counting with qualified personnel.
Buying a home is always an important decision that we offer our customers the best advice and professional service at your fingertips.
For more information, please contact us.
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We thank you that we have been selected as a possibility where to find your new home and welcome to our company. In NG HOUSING know that the purchase of a home, plus a big investment, is choosing a lifestyle that is why, for over 20 years we have been developing projects, we have endeavored to do this from the professionalism,closeness and commitment to our customers to incorporate in your home, in everything possible, customized solutions that meet their needs and aspirations, whether aesthetic or functional, as well as provide ongoing advice.
Similarly, for NG HOUSING, a home is much more than a building, so we incorporated in each promotion a letter of commitment, which includes a wide range of services and benefits designed to make your life in your new home easier andniceFinally, to all those who for years have given us their confidence by choosing one of our houses, which have helped us learn and improve every day, and with whom we still feel committed, thank you for your trust, we work to deserve it.
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For more than four decades, Inmo2000 has been considered one of the most reputable real estate agencies on the Costa Blanca. For his direct and honest treatment with the buyer and the seller; its effectiveness in the promotion and sales processes, as well as its after-sales services, and its wide portfolio of properties in the residential, commercial and investment market, both new and second-hand construction.
If you are looking to invest in real estate, buy a villa, penthouse, apartment, townhouse or property for sale in Campello and surroundings, request personalized information from our agents.
Our mission is to provide the best possible real estate service.
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