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Real estate in El Acequión - Los Naúfragos, Torrevieja (district)

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Our company consists of experts in the real estate industry, with extensive knowledge of our zone and a large portfolio of clients and contacts.
We are professional and we work to provide the best services to find quickly your housing, country or any property you want to buy or rent.
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Family business dedicated to the real estate business since 1985. Because of the time that remains active in the sector, it has collaborations with their products in different countries of Europe, such as Belgium, Holland, Germany, Norway, France, having likewise a gra portfolio of properties from foreclosure processors and also individuals for sale.
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Velas Purpuras international real estate agency, specialized in the real estate market of Torrevieja with the best selection of properties for sale and rent in the Costa Blanca region.
Leave your choice in the hands of professionals!.
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We are committed to finding the home that you need, through street work, transparency, honesty, and look out for the interests of our clients, buyers and sellers !!.