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Real estate in Distrito 3, Alicante (district)

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Gesin is a real estate agency located in the city of Alicante. Its fundamental corporate purpose is the provision of services relating to real estate, real estate promotions, intermediation in the purchase, sale, rental of real estate and tourist rental in Alicante and Costa Blanca. We have a select group of professionals in order to satisfy all your needs. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.
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We are a real estate services company, which started its journey in early 2004, established since then next to the city center of Alicante, in the heart of the traditional neighborhood of San Blas.
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Noelia Blanes is a real estate agent with over a decade of uninterrupted experience in real estate since 2012 and exclusive agent of the insurance company Allianz.
We specialize in selling and renting apartments, apartments, penthouses, villas, bungalows, commercial, industrial, land and plots in Alicante. We finance the operations with excellent conditions. Exclusive Agent Allianz.
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