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Real estate in Corunna (province)

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Human Team Our company is composed of experts in the real estate sector, with extensive knowledge of our area and a wide range of clients and contacts. We are professionals and we work to offer the best services so that you can quickly find your home, estate or any property you want to buy or rent. Property portfolio within our wide portfolio of properties you can find all types of real estate offers: properties in construction properties for sale recently completed/new and refurbished properties for rent for long term apartments, houses, Chalets and villas for rent tourism rural, (rental houses in the country) luxury homes for sale or rent real estate in our area do you want to sell or rent your property? Likewise, if you wish to sell or rent your property, we will help you to manage your real estate offer in the best way with the guarantee of having the best information and orientation on the market in your area of interest, and we will also inform you, prior Study, of the various possible options so that you can quickly get your goal. You can count on a team of professionals willing to help you in any situation that is of your interest in our activity. Contact us in any case, do not hesitate to consult, we will be happy to know you and inform you.
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Family and trustworthy treatment in the search for your new home.
Advice on the sale and purchase of different properties, as well as their respective valuations. Also advised on the sale of Insurance from a leading company in the sector, ask for your budget in it car insurance, home, death, civil liability, companies, communities,.
If you need some of our products or services do not hesitate to contact us, you will be served in a personalized and familiar way.
And remember when it comes to real estate, that 'I don't sell houses, I advise you on the search and buying your new Home'.
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We specialize in the sale of properties on the side of the light ( Costa de la Luz) located in Andalusia , which extends from the Golf of Cadiz to the Strait of Gibraltar.
The area of Costa de la Luz offers 300 days of sunshine per year , beautiful golden beaches to temperate waters.
Costa de la Luz are many leisure :3 golf courses of 36 holes designed by the Spanish Severino Ballesteros located in Novo Sancti Petri , all water activities such as surfing kite surfing, wind surfing, kayaking , and for lovers nature riding , biking, and walking in the countryside under the pines swept by the breeze from the Atlantic sea in a quiet and secure environment.
You can also enjoy fine regional wines, tapas in the many bodegas and excellent cuisine in restaurants Andalusian charm.
The light side is the best place to invest , to live or to vacation.
We offer quality goods : houses, villas , chalets , apartments for sale or rent on the beach in a golf town or in the countryside.
Atlantic Ocean is at your disposal to find your dream property , we are here to assist you and guide you throughout your search to best satisfy all your desires and expectations.
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We sell and rent your home in La Coruña as if it were our house, giving it the importance it deserves and putting all our extensive knowledge and effort to get it out effectively in a short time. We make the most of each property with cutting-edge techniques and accompany you in an easy and pleasant process. Our success stories endorse us as the real estate company that is marking a new culture and a new benchmark in the sector. '.
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Inmo-Venda, has currently, with different business lines, through which we provide services aimed at covering any kind of inmobilaria need. Inmo-Venda presents a modern concept of company with a great experience in the world of Inmobilaria management. We offer you different options in any type of real estate service. Our deal with the customer is always professional and cordial. Contact us and we will advise you with any questions related to your management.
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Services that you may be interested in and that we make available to you TOTAL HOME Real Estate Styling - Home Staging (Real Estate Marketing Technique): By applying a series of techniques we manage to make the most of the potential to your home (for sale or rent) so that you spend less time in the market and thus get as much profitability as possible. Real Estate Services (Buy - Sale - Rental): You can leave your properties for us to take care of or if you already have a buyer or a tenant we can help you with the management of the rental / sale, offering you the best advice, so that your operation is a success (request documentation necessary, accompaniment to the notary, or any other necessary management) Estate Management Why is an estate manager recommended? Although according to article 13 of the Horizontal Property Law 49/1960 – as amended by Law 8/1999 – does not require the hiring of a Farm Manager, the truth is that having a person outside the community of neighbors is in charge and responsible for the management and administration of the tasks of the farm, as well as, mediating the inevitable differences that may arise between the neighbors, is usually a good idea Preparation and Management of Holiday Rental Housing: We advise you on the regulations for vacation rental homes and we condition it to attract a greater number of customers. Real Estate Photography: The trend is that they find us on the web and the first thing they see is an image. A good photograph will make them decide for your property. Energy efficiency certificates We also offer the following services: - Cleaning. - Small repairs, electricity, plumbing, locksmithing, painting, carpentry, etc. - Cleaning of outdoor spaces, terraces and gardening. - Reforms Ask for your budget without obligation.
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MAPAL RIS, is a company specialized in consulting, selling and renting real estate in Spain and Costa Rica. We have an interdisciplinary team with specialized professionals, to provide our clients with extensive experience in project management and management, cost knowledge and market values, advice and consulting in interior design. The experience of staff in the purchase, sale and /or rental of residential, commercial, vacation and industrial real estate is at the service of our clients, to be able to present them business opportunities, explore strategies and execute actions in the real estate market. We think about our clients, advising them properly and obtaining the best conditions for them. Some of our staff members previously worked in major real estate companies, real estate developers, architecture firms, thus achieving a highly talented group.
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We are an independent real estate consultancy, with a great journey in time that allows us to offer a complete set of real estate services, from sale and rent along with value-added services, such as valuations real estate, mortgages, as well as facilitating the procedures both in the purchase and in the sale. After more than 13 years of experience in the real estate sector, in 2014 we formed QUANTUM AQUISITIVA SL with the foundations to contribute our knowledge about the industry and the area. From our position we try to build strong relationships with our customers, always based on credibility and trust to, throughout the buying or renting process, respond effectively to their demands. We consider ourselves his fellow riders capable of guiding, guiding and dispeling doubts. We will be by your side from the first moment to help you make a good decision about your home.
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Real Estate Compostela R. G.
Welcome to Inmobiliaria Compostela R. G. In our real estate you will find a team of real estate consultants prepared to offer you a solution as you need to rent, sell or buy a property.
We are a real estate agency with experience within the area of Santiago de Compostela and surroundings. We have a large number of products and we always look for the property that best suits each of our customers.
Real estate services:.
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Real state agency for ferrol area, we sell and rent houses, flats and workplaces. We also sell land.
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Gestión en la Compra - Sale and rental of real estate: Houses, plots and flats GESTIÓN DE INMUEBLES:.
For sale and rent in any area of ​​FERROL and LA CORUÑA. We have more than four thousand five hundred real estate offers with the best prices on the market, with optimal financing conditions.
Enjoy the best promotions in Ferrol and La Coruña. We have a wide offer in the best areas.
Advice, management and processing of all types of loans (mortgage, personal, refinancing, private capital. ). We guarantee the speed and efficiency of its management.
We are in charge of managing, at the request of the owners of rural or urban properties, the financial, legal and technical matters necessary for the maintenance and economic management thereof.
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- Number 1 in growth: With the opening of one new agency every 3 days.
- Number 1 Properties of banks: With more than 100,000 properties from banks and financial institutions.
- Part 1 in Funding: Thousands of properties with mortgages guaranteed 100% to 110% mortgages, interest rates and lower monthly payments market, etc.
- Number 1 in Volume: Thousands of properties with more than 50% discount and up to 80% of the advertised price.
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We specialize in construction / promotion and sale of property.
The quality of our construction combined with the best quality and customer service, we have cast worthy of the trust of our customers over the years.
Feel free to ask any queries, we will respond with confidence and without obligation.
We have a great team and modern equipment with which to develop any work or construction with maximum guarantees.
We have offices in Galicia and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where mainly focus our construction and development projects.
Having Andres Otero S. L. Is to have a company where quality and customer service is a permanent guarantee.
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Metropolis Services is a young, newly established in December 2010, which is dedicated to providing real estate services in the city of A Coruña to all those who demand it.
From our office located at 284 Outeiro Round, at the height of the street Barcelona, we offer a wide range of real estate services to all stakeholders: the buying and selling of real estate (apartments, shops, homes, farms, land), in the rental of properties in commercial transfers and drafting of leases in the city of A Coruña.
Trust us intermediation in the management of your property and it will process in a fast and effective way to get the most benefit in the shortest time possible.
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Mundicasa , is a company dedicated since 1993 to the real estate sector , which aims to meet the demand in this area and incorporate new forms of access to property, arising as a solution to problems that arise in a society and market is in a constant change.
The central action of our real estate is located in the city of Corunna Boiro , where you will find our professional office and where we develop activities such as:.
· Purchases, sales , leases , transfers and exchanges of all types of real estate: Rural and urban.
( Cottages , flats, houses, apartments, chalets, garages, shops, offices , warehouses. Lots, etc. ).
· Management of Financing.
· Insurance agency.
· Consultation, advice and reviews.
The purpose Mundicasa seeks to provide a total service management of their property , both buyers and sellers by providing them our experience and our technical and human resources. Securing our intervention with the transaction takes place with full guarantee of efficiency and honesty.
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From the beginning we devised an agency with doors open to anyone who needs professional intermediation for the purchase and rental in Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña). We turn fully with the person who offers your property as if you are looking for it. Our business isn't houses, it's people.
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We have the illusion that people who deposit their trust in us, recognize us as a serious, professional and above all human enterprise, because the numbers are important but people are much more.