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Real estate in Cómpeta

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Country Properties S. A. Established since 1986 with two offices in Competa and Torrox and Torre del Mar.
The main office of Country Properties S. A. Is located in the whitewashed village of Cómpeta. The village stands in the foothills of the vast Sierra Tejeda Wildlife Reserve and is 650 metres above sea level. This lovely, secluded setting is only half an hour by car from the coast and approximately one hour from Malaga´s International Airport.
Our branch offices are situated in Torrox village and Torre del Mar, which is divided into two zones with properties in Torrox inland and Costa.
The region is one of the most beautiful in Andalusia and the climate is probably the best in Europe. The province of Malaga is ringed by high mountain ranges which offer protections from the northern wind and at the same time ensure a constant supply of water. Apart from its traditional crops Malaga province is renowned for it plantations of tropical and sub-tropical fruits.
Our efforts over the years to give complete satisfaction to our clients and enhance our reputation for reliability do not end once a property has been purchased. We have a wide range of services designed to contribute to the peace of mind and tranquillity of those who have decided to settle down in this lovely southern Spanish region.
Give us a call, visit our website or come and see us soon.
We’re sure your visit will be worthwhile.
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SF Properties has the incomparable knowledge that only is achieved after a whole life dedicated to the sector in the area of Cómpeta and around the East Coast of the Sun. With more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector, after numerous trips and with higher studies in interior design made in Madrid and Malaga, he decided to undertake his own business at the end of 2013. With the help of a team of professionals with years of experience, we can help you with any aspect related to the property, improvement and maintenance of your building. Our Office has a very good location, located in the center of Cómpeta with free parking just a few meters. Please do not hesitate to visit or contact us for any queries related to your property.
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Brogan Properties was originally founded in 2006 by Steve Brogan primarily as a web-based real estate agent company. After a brief break, Steve relaunched Brogan Properties in 2016 working with his new business partner, Alick Howard.
It is a well-known fact that the web has now become the first port of call when searching for a property abroad. With this in mind, Brogan Properties is primarily an Internet-based real estate agency service. Our website has been professionally designed and built to be fast, intuitive and informative. The site is updated periodically with new properties, along with the latest news about interesting properties and features. It is a useful repository of information about the region of Axarquía and its villages. Links to Brogan Properties' Twitter and Facebook pages can also be found, where you can find the latest news about Brogan Properties properties and updates.
Steve and Alick have lived and worked in the Competa region for over a decade and both are well known in the local area. Steve has worked in the real estate industry since moving to the area, while Alick runs a number of businesses, including a property management business The spirit of Alick and Steve is to provide the highest level of service in a friendly, personal and professional way. The buying and selling process can be extremely stressful, and with this in mind, Brogan Properties aims to minimize stress levels. We are involved in your move, not just your purchase or sale. Communication is not a problem, the languages spoken are English and Spanish.
Excellent relationships and comprehensive communication are the pillars of our service, and we make sure customers are continuously up to date.
Brogan Properties, a professional, dynamic and personable real estate agent.
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We have been established in Spain since early 2004 and with our two offices in Cómpeta and Caleta de Vélez we can offer a wide range of properties from small townhouses to large country villas and commercial premises.
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Who we are Buy Properties - your first stop in the village To us, from Cómpeta Properties, we would like to welcome you to our charming village. Our wish is that you enjoy your visit and that you will return soon to a new and wonderful house in the sun. We are an established and professional real estate company, and we know firsthand how to live and work in the area. Our staff consists of a group of people, competers and foreigners, who each contribute their skills to the satisfaction of our customers. We have a very wide and diversified catalog of properties available in the area, traditional houses, full of charm in the village, modern and easy to maintain apartments, beautiful villas in the countryside, farms and old style cortijos. Our goal is that customers can benefit from our experience, thus making buying the house of their dreams a pleasant experience. Thinking about this, we keep our customers informed of every stage of the purchase process and know that we are here to help them with any questions that may arise, both with the purchase and after it. When tax or legal help is needed, we can recommend excellent professionals. Once a purchase is completed, our commitment does not end You can find us in any of our offices for everything you need, we will help you both with your new property, as well as with your new life in Spain. If right now, you can not live permanently in Spain and you want your property to report an income, in Cómpeta Properties we will be happy to add it to our catalog of properties to rent and we will take care of all aspects related to the Same. Our sister company, 'Cómpeta Properties Construcciones y Servicios', is here to help you with any questions or doubts you have about construction or renovation. With more than fifteen years of experience in the construction sector, they will work with you to enhance your property in whatever way you want and you can rest easy knowing that, the work done is of first quality and that all the documentation is in order. If, during the work, you are not in Spain, you can be sure that we will inform you, through email and with photographs, of the progress of the work. 'Cómpeta Properties Construcciones y Servicios' performs all kinds of construction work (new promotions, extensions, renovations and constructions of swimming pools) as well as painting and maintenance of properties and gardens Through this website, we try to help you in the search of your dream home, but it is also an invitation to call us, send us an email or visit us so that we can help you in everything you need. Eat Properties Where our priority is you!.
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If you are thinking of a better quality of life, both in climate, such as health and wellness, here you can find your home or vacation spot, check out our catalog of properties.
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