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Real estate in Ciutadella de Menorca

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AlquilerShop M & M is a real estate agency specializing in real estate in Menorca and Madrid, with a greater presence in the area of Ciutadella de Menorca and Ciudad Lineal in Madrid. With a large property portfolio from individuals and banks both in Menorca and Madrid, AlquilerShop M & M is a company with a solid foothold in the housing market in Menorca. We are engaged in Trading of types of properties, land, commercial, solar, etc. Local Mole, as well as renting holiday and long lasting. Our properties are advertised throughout Spain, Europe and some countries in North and South America.
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Our journey started in 2003, came from the insurance and construction sectors. Over these years our goal has been to achieve a strong position in our island.
The owner Pilar Palau Cemeli after a long career in the insurance sector, undertook this real estate business. Ms. Palau has the title of property Advisory real estate (INTERFICO and ABAI associations Member). To this day, runs the company with the help of her daughter Noemi Vega Palau, which has the title of diploma in tourism and is a member of the College of management of the Balearic Islands (member number 898).
In our team we have Carmen Pons Camps, which is responsible for the Department of sales and rentals and Jana Mercadal Sanchez responsible for the Department of communities.
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