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Real estate in Catalonia

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We market real estate assets in Barcelona and Madrid, as well as buildings and soil throughout Spain.
Consulting, investment and real estate management company, real estate fund management platform, covers the needs of investors, banks, financial institutions, developers, builders, and family offices.
Services: Origination, Valuation, Acquisition, Management and Marketing of real estate Recovery of delinquent/ unpaid clients. Recovery activities, negotiation to avoid judicial processes and achieve agreements in amicable channels: Partial, or total, payment ratios. Refinancing and property sales commands. Adjudicated management.
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We are professionals in the sector tenemostucasa. Com represents a group of professionals specialized in real estate advice and intermediation in the residential sector, constituting one of the branches of activity of TTR REAL ESTATE, company from where we can also lend you our services in other sectors such as hotel, commercial, industrial or logistics, as well as advising you on the acquisition and management of real estate investment products with attractive returns. Our goal is to: Facilitate and optimize the process of sale, purchase or rental, selecting the products that best suit your needs. Advise you financially, legally and urbanly accompanying you at all times to consolidate this process successfully. Remain your advisors even after the operation has been completed, being by your side to help you resolve any issues that may arise.
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Metis Assets is an agency dedicated to advising on real estate investments based in Barcelona. Our experts guarantee an integral accompaniment in all their efforts, from the identification of the real estate to the administrative and technical checks, through the reform and the management of the occupation. We also offer a relocation service for individuals and companies.
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Agency in Gavà
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LUNA LLAR, is a real estate agency, whose MISSION is to provide excellent service and dedication to the highest category.
Our scope is specified in Barcelona, ​​Gava, Gava Mar and Castelldefels, presenting a broad portfolio of properties, properties too fancy or upscale, attended by a multilingual international team that knows the real estate market and foreign investment as well as their legal treatment.
Our team of highly qualified and experts in their field, motivated professionals work closely with you, so that your process of buying or selling property, to be successful in the shortest possible time.
Our GOAL become your trusted advisor and obtain their loyalty and recommendation in time, satisfying all your real estate needs and still regards to professionalism and efficiency, contributing to the professionalism and quality of service in our industry.
We guarantee direct, personalized, professional, with the utmost discretion, transparency and professionalism.
Registered in the Register of Realtors Catalunya, AICAT nr. 3548.
We are part of FIABCI.
The International Federation's leading real estate Real Estate.
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We are a real estate company that operates in the market of real estate sales for over 15 years.
With a standard of seriousness in providing real estate services, seeks to conduct good business with efficiency, thus, tranquillity to its clients. Originally created to sell real estate to media with the needs of our customers over the years have expanded your activities throughout the country.
Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge to suggest the best alternatives. In addition, we have a fully computerized system, which allows greater flexibility in research and adaptation of the profile of the property to client requests.
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Realestate-dreams is synonymous with a high level of professionalism, excellent customer service and a high attention to detail in marketing and the sale of real estate in Barcelona. Our values are efficiency in all areas and transparency - we are committed to clarity, honesty and fairness first and foremost. Founded in 2005, realestate-dreams has evolved from a small specialized agency to a full service company with a wide range and consolidated collaborations. Realestate-dreams, aims to provide the best possible service with a professional and independent criteria.
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Agency in Barcelona
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Our enterprise works as an Estate Agency and we also make works of Architecture and Construction.
Estate Agency: rent and sale of houses.
Architecture: projects, interior design, decoration, Certificate of fitness, ITE, building permits,.
Construction: reforms, renovation, restoration,.
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Fincasdirect. Com is a small real estate agency specialized in the purchase and sale of rustic farms, village houses and chalets, mainly in the province of Tarragona, in Catalonia. We strive to maintain high levels of professional service, and our goal is simple: we want to sell or buy a property in Catalonia a simple, enjoyable and hassle-free experience. You will find on our website a selection of farms and houses, updated regularly, in the interior of the province of Tarragona, the Valley of the Ebro and the Costa Dorada. We can offer you more farms than appear on the web, and we can find all kinds of properties through a network of real estate contacts. We speak Spanish, Catalan, English and French.
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At Haus Lloguer we are professionals in the real estate market and offer our services for the purchase and sale of properties and the management of homes for rent in Gavá and the coast of Barcelona. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.
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Let it be to help you buy the floor of your dreams, explore real estate investment opportunities, or take charge of the sale or integral management of your apartment, we will be happy to talk with you.
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I am Carme Masdeu, real estate agent registered in the Register of Real Estate Agents of Catalonia AICAT nº 5248 and member of the College API nº A10269.
Our team specializes in buying and selling property in LA COSTA DORADA.
Whether it is a flat, house, plot, commercial property or investment, let me help you in your transaction, I am willing to exceed your expectations accompanying you throughout the process with exceptional service and reliable communication.
We have a wide selection of properties and we have access to all the properties that are for sale, private individuals and professional partners.
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Immovable Alfama, is located in the heart of L'Ametlla de Mar and has a wide experience of more than 20 years in the real estate sector. It Offers its clients its maximum personal attention. Its main activity is the sale and rental of apartments and houses in L'Ametlla de Mar and also the purchase sale and rental of houses and apartments in the area of Tarragona, and also all types of properties: flats, rustic, local, parking, ships Industrial, Solar. The property of Alfama is not only known in the area as a real estate company and with a cordial treatment with each of our clients, but also in the whole region. Alfama we are Collegiate API and real estate Agents registered in the Generalitat with permission of Judicial Expert. Alfama Real Estate has focused in recent years its specialty in the real estate sector of Alto-Standing both rents and purchase sale of houses in the area of Tarragona.
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Real Estate Counseling We're with you every step of the way. If you are the buyer: we filter the houses that meet your requirements and we take care of the calls and visits respecting your time. If you are the seller: we help you to better manage the sale of your home and collaborate with you at all times to highlight your home above others. Through our web and networks, we share your home to capture greater visibility. Home staging + Photo Real estate image We are real estate stylists, therefore, we will enhance all aspects of your home to seduce and attract buyers. What are the advantages of Home staging? -attracts more buyers-increases the value of the property-accelerates the sale/rent-economical/easy/fast-professional photos-Avoid price negotiation differences of competition a good photo report will be the final step for the Clie The potential is decided by your home and contact to visit. Let us be the ones who take care of everything! We fuse our services to achieve the desired result: sell better, faster and at the best price! Discard those who ask you to lower price, those who do not care that the photographic report is poor quality and unprofessional and not show respect for your home and your time About Mediterranean Home Staging we are Sahimara Deus and Silvia Prats, two friends building an illusion!. To make a 360-degree turn to the current real estate sector. We define ourselves as two passionate women of life and family, nature and animals. We fall in love with the beautiful, the spaces that invite us to dream and that excite us. We believe that everything in life has a why, a when and how and that nothing is casual. We are work and passion. Mediterranean is born as a project to help all people buy or sell their home. The most important investment of their lives is our work motivation. We want our customers to enjoy their time with family or friends and without worries. We manage the whole process and customer satisfaction provokes us high, we love to create in customers the effect WOW! We are clear that our client is the protagonist of this story. Times change and are modernized and the same is happening in the real estate sector. It is no longer enough to approach an agency or hang some photos on a portal. Potential customers cry out for a change, ask to feel an emotion and ask for a different and close treatment. A deal respecting every detail of what you need and most importantly, get it respecting your time We want to bring value to our customers, learn more about them, listen and understand their problems, understand what they consider important and what they want to achieve.
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French real estate agents, specialized in serving French-speaking clients on the Costa Blanca. MCB Immobilier offers real estate research, advice and support to its customers who want to buy or sell on the Costa Blanca. We offer you the possibility to consult qualified real estate offers, but not all our offers are published in our web page. Contact our French agents as soon as possible! Translation made with the translator www. DeepL. Com/Translator.
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ImmoCambrils is a Real Estate Agency formed by a group of professionals with years of experience in the real estate sector that stands out as a company specialized in advising and brokering the sale and rental of homes and properties in the best areas of Cambrils and Costa Dorada (Tarragona) 'The result of our business is a satisfied customer'.
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In Finques Innova we are specialized in the area of the Costa Dorada, in the areas of Torredembarra, Cambrils, Salou, Altafulla, La Pobla de Montornés, La Riera de Gaia and El Catllar among others. We are backed by more than 15 years in the real estate sector. Our experience is your greatest guarantee. We have at your disposal a legal department to advise and seek solutions on issues of inheritances, inheritances, proindivisos, nude properties, divorces, embargoes, we also give advice in judicial auctions, advice in auctions Administrative.
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Stipek Ferrer is the true paradigm shift that represents a vision and a.
More demanding business model and clearly better adapted to the current reality of the.
Profession and the real estate business. We can express our success based on four pillars.
Fundamentals that seal our identity: Excellence in service, bringing together.
Commitment, transparency, competition and proximity.
Our Core Business is the commercialization of new works and unique assets for third parties,.
With a young, creative and highly qualified team. Pointers at Retech,.
We are committed to innovation and the application of new technologies and offer a service.
Comprehensive advice, consulting and sales and rental management of our clients' assets.
We work for projects to ensure quality service and personalized treatment.
Based on maximum confidence and guarantee of success. To do this, we study and mimic.
Uniqueness of each client, we propose strategic solutions of high added value.
And we strengthen relationships over time by sharing successes.
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Consulting , Estate Agency and Property Services.
If you need :.
To buy or sell a property.
Long term rentals.
Short term / holiday rentals.
Management related to your new property or business.
Financing and mortgages.
Other Services.
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In Fincas Estartit We have your apartment in Estartit, House in Estartit, Parking in Estartit, Land in Estartit, Storage room in Estartit and which Property you are looking for in the area of l'Estartit.
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Let me introduce ourselves.
We are your new 'Personal real estate shooper'.
Having experience in different agencies and finance companies in different parts of the world; We decided that the best option to have a satisfied customer was to find all the solutions in one place.
Our concept is based on finding the best option for sellers and buyers, there is no property too small or too big for us.
Our work is carried out not only with our agents and advisers but with a network of collaborators throughout Spain.
Our strength is in the flexibility we offer.
Whether you are a private buyer or an investor, we will find a property that is perfectly suited to your needs and wants.
Our experience is key to guaranteeing you the best purchase. With our strict criteria, you will be able to make an optimal purchase in an easy, safe and convenient way.
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Finques Fuset is a Real Estate Agency specialized in the real estate sector in Maresme. We are a team formed in real estate matters, a serious and consolidated team, with full customer orientation and convinced to satisfy the personalized needs of each of our clients. Our core values ​​are honesty, quality and innovation.
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Do you need a trusted real estate agency in Costa Dorada? We help you buy or sell your property.
You are our priority, we look after your interests and make the real estate sale is a very satisfying experience.
Meet us and visit the properties we have in Salou, Cambrils, Miami, Altafulla or Tamarit.
If Your House is not in our Wallet, we are committed to finding it.
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Costalingua S. A. Is a holiday rental and real estate development company. Costalingua S. A. Owns Beach Resort La Margarita (ATT-000033), a resort with with 12 houses, located directly on the beach in L'Hospitalet de l'Infant, on the Costa Dorada. Costalingua S. A. Is expanding Beach Resort La Margarita by a total of 30 homes through real estate development.
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