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Real estate in Carcaixent

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Our real estate agency specializes in the sale of quality properties, we offer properties selected for their exceptional characteristics: their location, their services or their potential.
We operate in the southeast sector of the province of Valencia: Alzira, Alberic, Xativa, Cullera, Gandia. A particularly pleasant region where orange trees rub shoulders with the mountain and the sea. Our knowledge of the area and our location allow us to offer a selective offer.
Thanks to our team of bilingual and native French speakers, we can advise you in both French and Spanish. We also manage our sales in both languages to better facilitate the understanding of each party involved: visits, telephone conversations, commitments, dossier preparation, notary support.
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Chollopisos started its operations in 2012, selling properties of both individuals and real estate from banks with significant discounts.
We are specialized in the area of the Ribera Alta, La Costera and La Vall d'Albaida.
In Ribera Alta, we work in the area between Alzira - Carcaixent - Alberic, in the Coastal area the operations in Xàtiva and Vall d'Albaida in Ontinyent stand out.
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