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Real estate in Cangas

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We are a young and dynamic real estate agency, we are in Cangas do Morrazo and cover the whole south of Pontevedra and Rias Baixas.
We are specialized in selling and renting, both annual and holiday, swaps, transfers, apartments, houses, land, villas, premises, etc. Especially focused on the following areas: Cangas, Moaña, Bueu, Marin, Vigo and its metropolitan area.
But not only offer the best real estate service, we also have customer service repair and cleaning of buildings, We have professional technicians who draw up energy certificates at the best price. We also work with major insurers to offer policies more competitive insurance, including rental. Finally, keep in mind once the property of your dreams, we will provide the best available finance in the current market.
Contact us for an experience and a deal at the height of his views. We are your real estate trust in O Morrazo!.
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We were born in the midst of the financial crisis and we were convinced that things could be done otherwise in the housing sector: far from speculation, encouraging renting and refurbishment and taking care of our natural landscapes as well as those urban ones. We have always gone against the tide, during the years of the real estate bubble we were working in a long-term project (AlugueiroLares) for the refurbishment of our own real estate properties , and after housing rehabilitation we were in charge of renting them and doing all related to their direct management.
Some years later, when real estate agencies started to close, Lares arose, strange? not so much. Then more than ever, was the time to boost rents that always had been our purpose. And so, there we wanted to be, to help other owners with our expertise to rent their properties and to give advice and support them in the whole process.
We are a young staff highly qualified with a specific and continual training. What we like most is our job and above all, doing it better and better day by day. The key to achieve our goal is listening to you. Need proof? You can comment and follow our activity on Facebook or Twitter, speak out yourself or check out what Google or LinkedIN tell about us whether at the individual or collective level.
You already know who we are and where you can find us, so. Shall we meet? ;).
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