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Real estate in Calpe Pueblo (district)

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The objective of our company is to process any management in the mediation of the purchase / sale of real estate in the north of the Costa Blanca (Calpe, Altea, Benidorm, Moraira Javea, etc. ). Both on the coast, inland, we carry out new constructions or renovations of any kind, always working with a specialized team and suitable partners. Overseas we work with the best real estate and trusted agents. Especially through our efforts in China, where we have our own office, we represent Spain all year round, especially the northern area of Costa Blanca.
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Calpe Home Group is a real estate agency located in Calpe, Costa Blanca, a privileged area by the sea and surrounded by mountains. We cover the areas of Calpe, Moraira, Altea and Benissa.
Our goal is to make each customer to find what they are looking for so we have a wide portfolio of properties at very competitive prices. Whether looking for an impressive villa, a villa with swimming pool, an apartment overlooking the sea or a shop in a busy street in Calpe Home Group will find it.
We have a knowledgeable staff to assist you in Spanish, English, French and German team.
Visit us, we are happy to assist you.
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Calpeñón, S. L. Mercantile formed and constituted the day 20 of March of 1996. Family business, formed by four working partners. Calpeñón, S. L. Is a company dedicated to the construction, promotion and sale of its properties, whose purpose is to offer its customers the best possible value for money, using the best materials and products available in the market Construction, without this implying an impediment to be able to offer really competitive prices and without giving up for it the quality that the buyer is looking for and without a doubt, deserves. Our way of working and our philosophy has allowed us to be one of the companies that better qualities is able to provide to some really interesting and very attractive prices for those that always demand professionalism and guarantee of Satisfaction. Our intention and our hope is to continue in this line of work so that all our clients have the absolute certainty that they are acquiring a product of authentic quality.
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We are fully committed to helping our clients quickly and safely purchase the most attractive properties in Spain, especially on the Costa Blanca coast. Our team makes every effort to make the whole property purchase process as efficient as possible. We make sure that each client is satisfied with the investment and does not have to worry about the formalities related to it. Thanks to the experience of our advisors and the knowledge of the local real estate market, we will reliably take you through every stage of the property purchase process and lead you to the successful completion of the transaction. Our property offering is incredibly diverse. Thanks to the knowledge of the local market, we can help with the purchase of almost all available properties. We guarantee full formal and legal security of the transaction. Our advisors also help you negotiate the price and choose the best form and home loan offer. We advise our clients on the choice of the bank: we indicate which offers the best financing offer for the purchase of properties. We take care of the integral real estate activity in Spain. We specialize in renting and service our clients' apartments, which were purchased as an investment Our task is to ensure that your property is rented as often as possible and that rental income is fully satisfactory. We serve house and apartment rentals through portals available on the market.
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Residential, Rent and Commercial in Costa Blanca. Properties large or small, we can find them and get them at the best price. We can help you with everything. We always have an up-to-date list of properties for you to review, always be sure to contact us, as we only list certain properties on our website.
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Your real estate in CALPE that has been around since 2004 helping customers to sell and buy in a wide variety of languages. Whether you want to sell, or want to buy your dream home, we will help you in every step of the process.
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The agency 'White Villa' works every day to keep your clients satisfied with quality friendly service and personalized.
We dedicated almost 20 years selling real estate, houses, villas, apartments, plots, lands, commercial.
We offer the right product for your needs at a fair price.
Contact us and we'll show you our wide variety of product range. We have more than ten years experience.
In addition, we advise both be free to purchase a property to selling it.
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