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Real estate in Barcelona

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Margarita Puig, consultant specialized in renting and selling flats, apartments, chalets and offices in the city of Barcelona. Its main mission is to serve its clientele with efficiency, seriousness and discretion. His work is based on professionalism and personalized attention: Knowing how to listen to the client to be able to achieve goals in a short time.
The same caller guides you step by step, whether you. E. Is a landlord or future tenant. The owner is informed at all times of the evolution of the management of his property.
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Lucas Fox is a real estate agency specialising in providing exceptional properties and a comprehensive real estate service to international and domestic clients. The agency was founded in.
Barcelona in 2005. Since then it has brought a fresh and innovative approach to the luxury real estate market and has a solid reputation for reliability, integrity and detailed market knowledge.
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Urbane International Real Estate offers bespoke real estate services and is well recognised in the marketing, sale and rental of prime residential properties in Barcelona. Fully Licensed Agent with AICAT number 8994.
In 2018 Urbane International Real Estate was named Best Boutique Estate Agent in Barcelona by Build Magazine. This award confirms the customer centred approach and transparent, friendly approach the Urbane team prides themselves on.
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We are a full-service, client-driven real estate agency in Barcelona that places a high priority on excellence, customer service, and creating a personal connection with everything we do, whether it's selling a property, advising investors, or creating a product focused on the customer.
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Specialists in Exclusive Properties & 'Boutique Real Estate Services'.
Founded in 2005, Bcn Advisors is a company specialized in providing solutions to the most demanding requirements of the prestigious real estate sector.
With extensive experience and a large team of professionals and consultants, our goal is to offer an excellent product, a high quality of service and impeccable professional advice.
We specialize in 'Boutique Real Estate Services' as well as offer our services of 'Buyers Agent' and 'Golden Visa Residency', in the city of Barcelona and surroundings.
At Bcn Advisors we are aware of the importance of finding your ideal property for our clients. In order to satisfy your aspirations, we have created property search services called 'Buyers Agent Services', which will simplify, expedite and satisfy this needIn our portfolio we have a great variety of exclusive properties, carefully selected, also having a network of collaborators of advisors and associated lawyers, which allow us to offer a full coverage in professional advice.
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Real Estate ACBAR-Relestate, is the department of sale of Real estate of Barrero and Asociados, a company that for more than 70 years, has carried in professional form, the management of patrimonies, insurances and rents; Administration of communities and Legal, Labor and accounting consultancy.
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We market real estate assets in Barcelona and Madrid, as well as buildings and soil throughout Spain.
Consulting, investment and real estate management company, real estate fund management platform, covers the needs of investors, banks, financial institutions, developers, builders, and family offices.
Services: Origination, Valuation, Acquisition, Management and Marketing of real estate Recovery of delinquent/ unpaid clients. Recovery activities, negotiation to avoid judicial processes and achieve agreements in amicable channels: Partial, or total, payment ratios. Refinancing and property sales commands. Adjudicated management.
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We are a professional team with extensive experience in helping clients in relocating and investing wisely in one of the most beautiful countries in the world - Spain. Mainly covering the north- and south-eastern coast of the Mediterranean, as well as the Balearic Islands, our access to expert local knowledge and the continuous analysis of the market allows us to provide our clients with a smooth and stress free experience.
Whether you want to buy or rent a property in Spain, if you are looking for your dream home, a second house or an investment property, we are here to help you find the place that really meets your requirements. We pride ourselves with being honest and transparent, and most of all dedicated and passionate about what we do. Our aim is not only to meet, but to exceed the expectations of our clients.
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Metis Assets is an agency dedicated to advising on real estate investments based in Barcelona. Our experts guarantee an integral accompaniment in all their efforts, from the identification of the real estate to the administrative and technical checks, through the reform and the management of the occupation. We also offer a relocation service for individuals and companies.
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Realestate-dreams is synonymous with a high level of professionalism, excellent customer service and a high attention to detail in marketing and the sale of real estate in Barcelona. Our values are efficiency in all areas and transparency - we are committed to clarity, honesty and fairness first and foremost. Founded in 2005, realestate-dreams has evolved from a small specialized agency to a full service company with a wide range and consolidated collaborations. Realestate-dreams, aims to provide the best possible service with a professional and independent criteria.
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Agency in Barcelona
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Our enterprise works as an Estate Agency and we also make works of Architecture and Construction.
Estate Agency: rent and sale of houses.
Architecture: projects, interior design, decoration, Certificate of fitness, ITE, building permits,.
Construction: reforms, renovation, restoration,.
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Stipek Ferrer is the true paradigm shift that represents a vision and a.
More demanding business model and clearly better adapted to the current reality of the.
Profession and the real estate business. We can express our success based on four pillars.
Fundamentals that seal our identity: Excellence in service, bringing together.
Commitment, transparency, competition and proximity.
Our Core Business is the commercialization of new works and unique assets for third parties,.
With a young, creative and highly qualified team. Pointers at Retech,.
We are committed to innovation and the application of new technologies and offer a service.
Comprehensive advice, consulting and sales and rental management of our clients' assets.
We work for projects to ensure quality service and personalized treatment.
Based on maximum confidence and guarantee of success. To do this, we study and mimic.
Uniqueness of each client, we propose strategic solutions of high added value.
And we strengthen relationships over time by sharing successes.
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Technology and experience at your service in rental management. Fourth Floor is located in Barcelona and is made up of a qualified team of professionals in order to modernize the rental administration sector, making it accessible 365 days a year, transparent, agile, safe and economical.
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Forum Real Estate Apartment: your real estate consultants in Barcelona Do you need a real estate agency in Barcelona? We are your boutique agency in Barcelona with an honest and effective service, 100% personalized. We are your home advisors with more than 20 years of experience. We offer a human and professional service to rent, sell or buy your house or apartment in Barcelona with the best result Contact us!.
Our main mission is to help and guide our clients through all the processes we find in the real estate sector with a local and global vision at the same time, adapted to the needs of our clients with a clear focus on their objectives to carry out operations in Barcelona of purchase-sale or rental of real estate properties, commercial premises, farms, etc.
We evaluate your situation in a personalized way, taking into account each of the necessary requirements so that you can make the best decision, accompanying you in each step that involves the sale, purchase, rental of properties and much more.
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Our real estate agency is located next to Plaza Francesc Maciá in Barcelona, we manage the rental and sale of outstanding properties in Barcelona. We mainly sell charming flats and houses, in stately and modernist estates. Apartments in Barcelona with unique views, design reforms or that preserve the floors ceilings and carpentry with the original air of the royal estates of the beginning of the last century. We appraise the properties for free, without obligation and if we are commissioned, we take care of marketing them with the maximum possible efficiency to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and with the maximum discretion. We have more than 20 years of experience in the Upper Zone of Barcelona.
Although it seems obvious, our way of working differentiates us from many other real estate agencies in Barcelona. We have several maxims as a philosophy: Respect privacy to the maximum and work with the utmost discretion. We work for orders mostly. We try to capture the needs of each client well and from there we get down to work. And we do not waste your time with unproductive visits, hence our high percentage of successes and closed operations. We have at our service the best law firms, economists and tax advisors for any type of operation and guarantee maximum security to both parties.
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- Number 1 in growth: With the opening of one new agency every 3 days.
- Number 1 Properties of banks: With more than 100,000 properties from banks and financial institutions.
- Part 1 in Funding: Thousands of properties with mortgages guaranteed 100% to 110% mortgages, interest rates and lower monthly payments market, etc.
- Number 1 in Volume: Thousands of properties with more than 50% discount and up to 80% of the advertised price.
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Deluxe Locations offers you a full range of personalized and highly professional services for acquisition of real estate in the Best Areas of Barcelona and the Coast of Catalonia: Costa Garraf, Maresme, Costa Brava.
With Deluxe Locations you will find the property that perfectly suits to your needs: luxury villa on the sea, townhouse or historical house in the old city center, elegant beachfront and city centre apartment, or comfortable house with sea views in exclusive residential area.
Our clients, local and international buyers, value and trust us thanks to our experience, expertise and impartiality. With Us you will always have best possible, honest, objective, thoughtful and experienced advice.
We ensures you a secure, effective, pleasant and result oriented purchase. Find Your Property with Deluxe Locations!.
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LocaBarcelona is a member of APAGI: Association of Professional Administrators and Real Estate Agents in Barcelona. We are also registered in the Register of Real Estate Agents of Catalonia as required by Decree 12/2010 that regulates the criteria for the exercise of the profession of real estate agent in Catalonia, more information about it on the website of the Housing of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Locabarcelona is a leading real estate company in the temporary rental market of furnished apartments from 3 to 11 months. We provide an integral service of management of your rental property with the objective of achieving the highest profitability for your home and maximum peace of mind for the owner.
We also offer properties for sale or for sale in Barcelona. We will inform you and advise you to avoid the pitfalls that should not be overlooked when buying a house in Barcelona. We offer investment and property management solutionsIf you can not find your accommodation in our offers, get in touch with us and describe the property you are looking for.
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Immollar is a real estate agency located in Les Corts, Barcelona. We are professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the sector specialized in renting and buying and selling properties and homes in Barcelona. We offer a comprehensive service and personalized treatment. Contact us.
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We are a one stop shop investment boutique specialized in real estate on the Spanish and Portuguese markets.
Operating in Spain since 2004, we are experts in transforming old buildings into contemporary homes while retaining the essence of properties and preserving original elements.
We provide end to end services, covering the all range of the property investment cycle. Whether you have a project in mind or need extensive assistance, our tailor made approach will help you find the right solution.
Our multidisciplinary team take pride in executing and sharing its experience. We advise you on the best asset options to reach the highest ROI and capital gains.
Our ambition is to bring insights and opportunities to our clients.
We define ourselves by our values:.
We are a dedicated team of expert with passion for what we do.
We deliver promises in a timely manner.
We secure financing before construction and guarantee delivery.
We use renewable energy sources and innovative solutions to reduce environmental footprint.
We are always looking for cutting edge and proven technologies to improve quality of life.
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Avny is an investment and real estate development company that operates in the city of Barcelona.
Our objective is focused on the best areas of Barcelona, ​​developing improvement plans in the properties that we find to reach the maximum level.
If you are looking for a great investment opportunity, or simply your next dream home, contact us now.
We all work to have moments of rest; enjoy them in one of the best cities in the world, Barcelona.
Avny Group Spain is a subsidiary of the 'Multigalaxy' global investment group. For more than 20 years, the company has been dedicated to the development and construction of homes, industrial, commercial and office buildings.
From the location of the appropriate site or established buildings, to construction and marketing of rent and sale. We are committed to quality in customer service and satisfaction, a principle by which we have always been guidedWe maintain and manage more than 50 apartments only in Barcelona, ​​and we build or improve many other developments in the city.
Contact us or visit us in our office to get more information about our wonderful life projects.
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We are an innovative company that provides real estate related services. Due to our expertise in the field and profound knowledge of the market we help our clients leverage their investments in real estate in Barcelona.
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We offer a complete range of services for buying a property in Spain, rent apartments and flats in Barcelona. Sale of houses from banks, cheap apartments, sale of offices, premises, hotels in the Costa Brava, Barcelona, ​​Costa Dorada. Construction of private houses and their design. Service of processing of documents necessary for the purchase of apartments, houses, etc. , in Spain. Ten years of experience guaranteeing quality service.
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