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Real estate banks in Spain

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The De Micco & Friends Group is involved in the international capital markets as an experienced investment banking company.
De Micco & Friends Real Estate selectively invests in profitable residential and business real estate. Due to their stable value, real estate investments provide a good alternative especially in the turbulent times at the volatile capital markets. As a subsidiary of the De Micco & Friends Group, D&F Real Estate, as an investor, puts the experiences, networks and know-how into practice at the international real estate markets. Take advantage of this know-how with your next investment.
De Micco & Friends Real Estate is not a typical real estate agent. As an investor and representative of the buyer side, De Micco & Friends Real Estate does not focus on purchasing property on behalf of a seller as quickly as possible. In fact, their focus is to identify the best property at the best conditions, to assess and then purchase it. In this aspect, De Micco & Friends Real Estate is radically different from traditional real estate agents. This focus applies to investments in large and complex business real estate as well as with the purchase of private property.
Our personal standard with investments in real estate is high. The same is true when we support you with a purchase. While real estate investments are considered the most secure investment form in many regions, each involvement requires qualified review, because most of these investments are either medium- or long-term. This means that it is always important to establish a most transparent assessment that also includes long-term aspects. As an experienced investor and project developer, we know the real estate markets and understand the most important aspects regarding investment property:.
- Appropriate pricing.
- Realistic, market-driven calculation of overall return on an investment.
- Urban or infrastructural risks and opportunities.
- Traditional location factors.
- Development of rental price markets.
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian.
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Real estate bank in Palma de Mallorca
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Banca March is Spain’s leading family-owned bank, set up in 1926 by Mr. Juan March Ordinas, in Palma de Mallorca. Currently, Banca March is strengthening its strategic business model, mainly centred on Private Banking, Large Companies and Asset Banking, and is highly focalized on family businesses and business-owning families, as well as on high incomes.
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Real estate bank in Navia
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OPPORTUNITIES !, estate and urbanizing.
I am an individual who on sale some possessions of my property, and others in which I participate, Tucked in western Asturias, Ribadeo and Lugo.
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