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Real estate in Balearic Islands

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We work with you as a team to find the house you are really looking for. We treat each client in a personalized way, taking care of their needs and demands. With more than a decade of experience, our team of experts is the best guarantee. You mark the deadlines and we will assure you the best solution, in the shortest time.
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AlquilerShop M & M is a real estate agency specializing in real estate in Menorca and Madrid, with a greater presence in the area of Ciutadella de Menorca and Ciudad Lineal in Madrid. With a large property portfolio from individuals and banks both in Menorca and Madrid, AlquilerShop M & M is a company with a solid foothold in the housing market in Menorca. We are engaged in Trading of types of properties, land, commercial, solar, etc. Local Mole, as well as renting holiday and long lasting. Our properties are advertised throughout Spain, Europe and some countries in North and South America.
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Welcome to our Real Estate Estela Exclusive Homes (EEH).
Here are the best deals of the most exclusive luxury properties in Ibiza and Madrid. We'll take care of you at all stages of the process of buying or renting your home to make you feel taken care of with professionalism, kindness, closeness, discretion and confidence.
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Our goal is to make agile and profitable the necessary steps for any real estate operation you need.
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Prestige Properties is the leading real estate agency in Ibiza and specializes in luxury properties. With departments specialized in sales, rental, listings and marketing, we pride ourselves on providing the most complete and personalized service to all parties. Our greatest satisfaction comes from yours: our goal, like yours, is to achieve your goals.
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Our company is formed by a young and dynamic professional team with a common goal: To satisfy the demands of our Clients.
The company's objective is: the Promotion, Purchase, Sale and Construction of all kinds of Urban and Rustic Real Estate.
A young agency with expert and dynamic professionals.
We have a wide range of real estate New Homes and Second Hand, Chalets and Farms throughout the province, Rentals and Transfers, all with the best economic guarantees of the market up to 100% of a Credit and Mortgage for you to acquire them.
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The De Micco & Friends Group is involved in the international capital markets as an experienced investment banking company.
De Micco & Friends Real Estate selectively invests in profitable residential and business real estate. Due to their stable value, real estate investments provide a good alternative especially in the turbulent times at the volatile capital markets. As a subsidiary of the De Micco & Friends Group, D&F Real Estate, as an investor, puts the experiences, networks and know-how into practice at the international real estate markets. Take advantage of this know-how with your next investment.
De Micco & Friends Real Estate is not a typical real estate agent. As an investor and representative of the buyer side, De Micco & Friends Real Estate does not focus on purchasing property on behalf of a seller as quickly as possible. In fact, their focus is to identify the best property at the best conditions, to assess and then purchase it. In this aspect, De Micco & Friends Real Estate is radically different from traditional real estate agents. This focus applies to investments in large and complex business real estate as well as with the purchase of private property.
Our personal standard with investments in real estate is high. The same is true when we support you with a purchase. While real estate investments are considered the most secure investment form in many regions, each involvement requires qualified review, because most of these investments are either medium- or long-term. This means that it is always important to establish a most transparent assessment that also includes long-term aspects. As an experienced investor and project developer, we know the real estate markets and understand the most important aspects regarding investment property:.
- Appropriate pricing.
- Realistic, market-driven calculation of overall return on an investment.
- Urban or infrastructural risks and opportunities.
- Traditional location factors.
- Development of rental price markets.
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian.
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CT Consulting has all the treatment and care of a local agent, but the experience of a great team. We will accompany you on all aspects of your investment by buying, selling, renting or management of its real property in Mallorca.
We work with a group of collaborators for all aspects of its investment, since the search and study of the best properties for investment matters arising on purchase / lease or management of real estate, and along with CT Private Property Consulting will offer a complete service.
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PASCUAL ASSOCIATS, is a Real Estate Agency and Developer. You can find at PASCUAL ASSOCIATS all the professional support that you need buying, selling or constructing any property, from a simple holiday apartment up to a select finca. All this in order to make it as easy as possible for you, due to your necessities and any time under the guarantee of AEBI.
Apart of a large game of resale properties that our clients have given us to mediate for selling (or constructing), we have also own projects that we are developing with the guarantee of PASCUAL ASSOCIATS.
We can help you to find the property you are looking for with the best relation between Precio and offer. We can also help preparing all the necessary documents to make the purchase easy, effective and with guarantees (NIE (Foreigners Identification Number), Notary, Land Registry Office, Taxes, Fees). If you want, we can demand a mortgage for you, that is adapted to your needs.
Once you have bought a property we can also help you, together with other professionals, concerning the payment of any taxes ( wealth tax, contributions, income tax,. ), to take out an insurance policy (for your new home, life, car,. ), the reformation or renovation of your property, summing up, any service you need for your property.
On the other hand if you are going to construct your own house, we can co-ordinate for you the whole process, first finding a plot, than developing the building project and decoration, contracting the building contractor and all the other commercials you need until you can start to live in and enjoy your new home.
For those clients that want to sell their property we can help to fix the Precio, we will make the advertising, give all information to interested persons, visit your property, keep you informed about the different offers we have got and finally we will prepare the reservation or selling contract up to the signing of the contract at the Notary.
If, once you have visited our web site, you did not find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you to search for it.
Place your trust in us and your purchase will be a good investment.
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Founded in 1997, Talaiot Promotions Inmobiliarias Mallorquinas S. L. Has managed to consolidate and achieve an important space in the real estate market.
Talaiot Promotions Inmobiliarias Mallorquinas S. L. Has established the reputation of which it enjoys, by its honest and direct treatment both to the buyer and the seller, its effectiveness in sales and promotions as well as its after-sales services, which suppose a complete offer in the residential, commercial and investment market.
To offer greater confidence among its clients, the company is adhered to the consumer arbitration of the Balearic Islands. Since 2013, he belongs to the Balearic Association of Real Estate Services (ABSI). Leading association in property sharing. Through this association agreements have been signed with various entities in order to offer them a greater and better service.
In Talaiot Promotions Inmobiliarias Mallorquinas S. L. You will find excellent treatment, careful service and the greatest transparency, because for us you come first.
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Oliver Mateu is a company of recognized prestige in the sectors of real estate development and management in Mallorca. In a highly competitive market Oliver Mateu has been able to maintain himself since 1958 and it is precisely that extensive consolidated experience that best endorses our customers.
With a clear, transparent and dynamic business philosophy, at Oliver Mateu we are aware that the best sign of solidity of a real estate company is its integral management capacity in combination with a wide portfolio of supply and demand and that is why we put at your disposal a team of professionals who with their know-how will be able to solve their doubts.
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Rústica Mallorca is a family and innovative company, specialized in the sale and rental of all kinds of properties on the island of Mallorca. We are specialized in properties located on rustic soil; However, we take care of all kinds of properties.
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Exclusive Properties For Rent & Sale.
Make your summer meaningful & memorable !! Book your dream villa with Ibiza360.
**** Exclusive Villas - Yacht - Private jet - Luxury events - Personal assistance ****.
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We are property consultants with over 20 years of experience in the property market. From 12 years in the Balearic Islands, command of several languages​.
Our work is not limited to selling real estate, but we protect the interests of our clients comprehensive advice from the first contact and after sales.
If you look for a property, or want.
Sell, please contact us, will be happy to assist you.
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Ibiza, Real Estate agency INMOBILIARIA B&M. In Ibiza for more than 20 years offering the best selection of houses, appartements and plots. We will search for you the best properties at the best price.
We are situated in the center of Ibiza town, in front of Vara de Rey square on the second floor, just on top of zoom foto.
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In AMG Estate meets us only one thing: CUSTOMER SERVICE. Both property owners and prospective buyers, we aim to provide a mediation service professional, serious and transparent.
Since 1999 we are in the real estate market advice to all our customers the best choice, both in the purchase and the sale of a property.
We are a young, dynamic, willing to do the work well done and advising on all aspects of buying and selling process.
We offer financial advice service at all levels, whether on a personal level, companies or SMEs.
We qualified real estate consultants dedicated to buying and selling property, handling leases, tenancy management, investment department, personal loans and mortgage and rental insurance.
Always under the premise that sets us apart: SERVICE.
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Grupo Falk is a real state agency founded in 1983 that offers a value added integrated service based on high quality. We are a team of professionals with 30 years experience. We advice our customers within following services:.
Real State (property purchase and sale).
Property administration.
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- Number 1 in growth: With the opening of one new agency every 3 days.
- Number 1 Properties of banks: With more than 100,000 properties from banks and financial institutions.
- Part 1 in Funding: Thousands of properties with mortgages guaranteed 100% to 110% mortgages, interest rates and lower monthly payments market, etc.
- Number 1 in Volume: Thousands of properties with more than 50% discount and up to 80% of the advertised price.
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TM Properties is a company dedicated to the intermediation and any other.
Services aimed at managing real estate property. We have a young but.
Experienced staff in attracting new customers. We treat every customer.
Individually and study the best way your property according to your needs.
“ We sell your house, we find your home. ”.
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We are dedicated to buying, selling and rental homes in Palma de Mallorca.
We have wide variety of Apartments in Mallorca, both long term and holiday rentals.
We advise you on Purchase and Sale of Land, Flats, Houses, Shops, Garages in Mallorca.
You want to buy, sell or rent your property in Palma De Mallorca Island - call us!. Ahorate the trouble - hand it to us. Our professional team is waiting!.
You ask us fulfill!.
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Spanish Prime Property works in an honest, friendly and totally unbiased manner, offering a devoted and professional service to our clients. There is no charge for our “Property Finding Services”.
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AZ INMOBILIARIA, consultancy located in Mallorca is undisputed leader in the real estate consulting sector, renowned for its excellence and innovation. It is made up of a solid team of qualified, motivated professionals, who also have a wide experience combined with real estate, property development and property and wealth management. Being each transaction unique, the team of AZ REAL ESTATE is continually developing new methods, technologies and strategies to assure its clients the best possible results.