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Real estate in Bages

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GROUPRIERA is a group of professionals in the area of Bages dedicated to property development, management, sales and rentals of houses, flats, offices, commercial property and land, carrying out its activities throughout Catalonia and the Spanish territory.
Our experience allows us to advise our clients to choose the best one. We offer our clients a comprehensive service in property management.
Marketing: We manage the sale of your property and we can arrange all the necessary documentation to carry out the sale.
Rent: we rent and manage your property rental.
Ratings: services of our architects will appreciate your property with a current market price made, if necessary, an official Expertise.
Economic Survey: feasibility of a property development, both economically and commercially.
Work Management: Controlling promotion development from inception to delivery of the building.
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Agency in Moià
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In Finca't we help you find what you are looking for, from our database consisting of the listings that individuals, developers and banks offer us for sale or rent. We move mainly Moiá area and surroundings.
We offer impartial advice on all contracts.
We will help you find the best deal for your real estate business with the utmost security.
We guarantee the legality of administrative and fiscal operations.
We will help you find the most tax advantageous solution for their real estate transactions.
Collaborate with district notaries that service and expert advice confidentially.
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