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Real estate in Badajoz (province)

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Inmobiliaria FINCASUREX makes available to owners who wish to sell their home as well as those who wish to buy a home, the experience of many years and the good work done in our management, an issue that has not only allowed us to overcome the difficulties of the real estate sector But it has allowed us to expand the offer of services to our customers.
Faithful to our philosophy, our clients will find in FINCASUREX Inmobiliaria a real estate company with a vocation of service receiving a personalized, professional, honest, and transparent treatment that cares and takes care of providing solutions and satisfaction in the services offered to its clients.
We have the best offer of flats, for sale and rent. We measure and get the best deals for our customers.
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Our real estate company is located in the center of Don Benito (Badajoz). We are specialized in the real estate market of Extremadura and have a wide portfolio of properties.
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Administrator in Mérida
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Management and Administration of a condominium, rent, residential estates and private, industrial sites, e- management.
Visit us at http://www. Quovadisfincas. Com.
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Realtor with over 11 years experience in the sector.
- Free Advice on any subject property.
- We operate all type of buildings, urban, rustic, industrial, malls,.
- We work with properties throughout Extremadura, being our main performance center populations Don Benito and Villanueva de la Serena with its annexes peoples.
- Perform any process broker, Notary, Land Registry, Land Registry, Probate, swaps, Valuations, Valuations,.
- Personally advise in creating businesses and enterprises.
- We offer professional solutions in the sale and rental properties.
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If you're considering buying a property, please contact us, we will make an economic free, and you say to that amount you can get.
Buy like you have the money, save a lot: www. Ihs. Es.
If instead you want to sell, call us and we will do a free valuation of your home.
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GIL JOAQUIN Real Estate is an agency dedicated to the service in buying and selling homes, garages, and warehouses.
Our company was founded with a very specific goal, customer satisfaction as the property is concerned. Buy the home of your dreams come true.
JOAQUIN GIL In Real Estate we guarantee a personalized service with a wide range of real estate advisory and comprehensive service that allows you to make your purchase with all guarantees.
Our added value: to be worthy of the trust of our customers as well as a constant requirement to provide a constant quality, reliability and efficiency in our services.
We also offer financial advice tailored to your needs. A study of existing loans in different banks, so you can always benefit from the best mortgage loans and the best conditions for the financing of your home.
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We are a young, dynamic and committed team that we really enjoy working together.
Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe, listening and guiding through the process of buying and selling.
Personally I believe in honesty, integrity and good service and I do everything possible to incorporate this philosophy every day of work.
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In our website you can see a variety of properties for sale and rent Almendralejo fully photographed, with prices and full details: Flats, Houses, Duplex, Apartment, Commercial, Land.
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In REAL MUÑIZ has guaranteed the success of the operation:.
You will have the maximum information with clarity and transparency.
  We also provide funding under the best conditions.
  We are in operation from start to finish checking the status of charges, formalities Notary and Property Registry, Cadastre, OAR, Town Hall, etc. We have a wide portfolio of Inm.
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Since its inception, INLUMA has not stopped growing, the result of its commitment to work with each of its customers. This is one of the main values ​​of our company, a trait that characterizes and positioned as a strong and solid property in Jerez de los Caballeros and its region.
Professionalism and Experience: our goal is the satisfaction and confidence of our customers, so in INLUMA find a team of professionals who will advise you with seriousness and professionalism in everything you need. Over 10 years of experience guarantee our management.
Solutions for you: in INLUMA we handle the entire process from land acquisition through direct sales, through the development, construction management, development and construction. Entrust your property development. We know how to care.
Guarantee: If you need to buy, sell or rent your house or business premises INLUMA is your guarantee.
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- Number 1 in growth: With the opening of one new agency every 3 days.
- Number 1 Properties of banks: With more than 100,000 properties from banks and financial institutions.
- Part 1 in Funding: Thousands of properties with mortgages guaranteed 100% to 110% mortgages, interest rates and lower monthly payments market, etc.
- Number 1 in Volume: Thousands of properties with more than 50% discount and up to 80% of the advertised price.