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Real estate in Aspe

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MedVilla is originally a family business that has been active for several years within the Spanish real estate sector. In the meantime MedVilla has grown to a fixed value in Spain with specialized employees, each region bound under the management of the managers.
Because of our knowledge and passion of the Spanish Real Estate market and our quality services for our customers that are central, we have already concluded numerous successful transactions and a lot of satisfied customers.
Are you looking are for a house, considering a sale of your current property or do you have another house in mind? Then you are in the right hands with us.
Our specialty is to make the purchase process of a second home in Spain easy and carefree. We assure you a safe purchase that perfectly meets all your needs.
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Developer in Aspe
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HOUSING ASPE began its journey in October 1983. Our main activity is the provision of custom real estate mediation, for this we have skilled professionals who will assess your needs on an individual basis and provide all the information nacesaria to help you make the best choice.
From the beginning, our activity has been increasing in volume prograsivamente and sales management, development activity and areas of operation.
Today we have a wide and varied portfolio of investors and investment opportunities and market manage to put at your disposal.
The experience that the company has acquired over his career, with more than 30 years, we can offer the buyer a professional level of assurance and hard to find.
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The first step and perhaps the most difficult to be given after a decision to buy a property in Spain is to choose the most suitable company for you, one that can help you along the entire process, from the initial search to the move and installation in your new home.
The second point is to find a property that you really like, the one that makes you think 'This is' the first time I see her. It may be the house you dreamed before traveling to Spain, or perhaps completely different. If the chosen property, its location and the costs seem right, then you have done, ultimately, the right choice.
If this seems an attractive proposition, then we are here to set it up for you!.
We are proud of these working guidelines and believe that we are not alone in hating the 'nasty surprises'.
Since 1995 our company also benefits from years of work in which he has gained extensive experience and knowledge of the value of property, sales, post-sales, local areas, buildings, improvements, and most importantly, on Spanish legislation.
With an established office that has experienced staff, our goal is to help you in your decision to purchase a property in Spain.
Best regards,.
Alex Janssens.
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At Asencio Homes, we are real estate and property law experts. We have many properties, flats, chalets, houses, villas in all areas and towns of Alicante.