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Real estate in Artà

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PASCUAL ASSOCIATS, is a Real Estate Agency and Developer. You can find at PASCUAL ASSOCIATS all the professional support that you need buying, selling or constructing any property, from a simple holiday apartment up to a select finca. All this in order to make it as easy as possible for you, due to your necessities and any time under the guarantee of AEBI.
Apart of a large game of resale properties that our clients have given us to mediate for selling (or constructing), we have also own projects that we are developing with the guarantee of PASCUAL ASSOCIATS.
We can help you to find the property you are looking for with the best relation between Precio and offer. We can also help preparing all the necessary documents to make the purchase easy, effective and with guarantees (NIE (Foreigners Identification Number), Notary, Land Registry Office, Taxes, Fees). If you want, we can demand a mortgage for you, that is adapted to your needs.
Once you have bought a property we can also help you, together with other professionals, concerning the payment of any taxes ( wealth tax, contributions, income tax,. ), to take out an insurance policy (for your new home, life, car,. ), the reformation or renovation of your property, summing up, any service you need for your property.
On the other hand if you are going to construct your own house, we can co-ordinate for you the whole process, first finding a plot, than developing the building project and decoration, contracting the building contractor and all the other commercials you need until you can start to live in and enjoy your new home.
For those clients that want to sell their property we can help to fix the Precio, we will make the advertising, give all information to interested persons, visit your property, keep you informed about the different offers we have got and finally we will prepare the reservation or selling contract up to the signing of the contract at the Notary.
If, once you have visited our web site, you did not find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you to search for it.
Place your trust in us and your purchase will be a good investment.
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We are a Majorcan, with a good team and German Mallorcan.
We are located in Arta, northeast of the island of Mallorca and have properties of all categories, also in the luxury segment-exclusive, in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera).
Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the infrastructure, management experience and service Majorcan own judicial expertise can competently manage the search, buy, sell, build or restore any property.
Besides solar, we offer our expertise to advise on construction. We advise with the promoter, the garden project, the drilling of the survey and the choice of the best concept energénico until the end of the work, both in Arta, Capdepera, San Lorenzo, or the release of Manacor Mallorca.
Our services revolve around the estate and specialize in verifying the status of the property right.
Also available from our business, Artaimmobilien, long term rentals, offering Fincas, houses in the village, apartments, shops or premises.
The vacation rental section offers lots of farms, seaside villas, apartments and house in the village to enjoy the best weeks of the year.
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