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Real estate in Almuñecar Centro, Almuñécar (district)

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Casamia Inmo was born in September 2019 with the desire to provide its customers with personalized and unique attention.
Contact us if you have properties for sale in the Costa Tropical and Costa del Sol area, we have many customers wishing to buy in this area.
My name is Angie and I am based in Spain for 30 years from Belgium until 2 years ago I was dedicated to the Tourism sector.
I decided to turn my professional life around and embark on a new path in the real estate world.
From an early age I always liked the architecture, the gardens, the decoration and the houses.
I love meeting new people, from other cultures, from other countries and naturally being able to help them find their real estate dream in Spain was like evidence in my new professional career.
Thirty years I made the way from my home country, Belgium, to come to live in southern Spain.
All these years they gave me a very broad knowledge of the Spanish market since my previous profession as a tour guide made me travel throughout Spain.
Languages ​​and my foreigners also facilitate the understanding of 'tastes and colors' of many foreigners who wish to acquire real estate in Spain but also those of the Spaniards with whom I have evolved and lived for 3 decades and where I consider myself at home.
Soaked in its history, culture, cuisine, art and language, my country of adoption saw my children born, this is where I became an adult arriving at 23 years old and adapting to their charming lifestyle and exceptional climate, I could not not fall in love with this site and the vast majority of those who visit us spend three quarters of the same. And, yes!.
After preparing in these two years 'CASAMIA INMO' was born with the desire to find my clients the best buying or selling options.
Buying a house, for many, is to cherish the dream of a lifetime and being well advised on this path is essential when making the right decision.
Being well advised is essential since the disbursement or value of these transactions is usually high and an error can be fatal.
For this reason, it is always advisable to get advice from a good agent who will accompany you during all the processes of visits, searches and purchase / sale.
Do not hesitate, contact me and I will devote myself fully to find the best and most appropriate options to your wishes.
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For Iberiápois it will be a pleasure to be engaged in every respects concerning all the necessary paperwork, inscrition into the Register of properties etc. After having made the deed without any supplementary charges.
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PROCOSTA is a family business founded in 1975, in Almuñécar - Costa Tropical de Granada. More than 45 years offering our clients complete advice in the purchase, sale and rental of a property, with the strictest professionalism, seriousness and experience in the real estate sector. Our goal is to see the wishes of our customers fulfilled, and that is why we work every day to overcome ourselves.
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Your private getaway in Andalusia!.
When you are on holiday you want everything to be perfect, you want time for yourself, friends and family and you want the house you live in to be a dream you'd love to come back to. All this is achievable in our wonderful houses and apartments on the Costa Tropical, Andalusia!.