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Real estate agents in Granada

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Our company is integrated by experts in the real estate sector, with extensive knowledge of our area and a wide portfolio of clients and contacts.
We are professionals and we work to offer the best services so that you can quickly find your home, property or any property you want to buy or rent.
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Hello, Antonio Lozano and I have partnered with Orgiva Properties, the leading estate agent in the area, with over a decade of experience of selling properties in the Alpujarras. I provide a tailored, personal service to all of my clients. In many cases, I am familiar with the buying history and legal status of most houses in the area, particularly those houses bought and sold by foreign buyers and sellers.
I speak both English and Spanish and have excellent working relationships with those connected to the property market, such as lawyers, architects, engineers and builders and my aim is to bring together vendors and buyers, enabling seamless transactions to pass from one to another.
I market country houses in Orgiva, fincas in Lanjarón, properties in the La Taha villages of Pitres, Mecina Fondales, Atalbeitar, Ferreirola and Capilerilla. I serve all the surrounding areas of Orgiva with properties in Tijola, Carataunas, Bayacas, Cañar and Soportujar and expanded to Tropical Coast of Granada.
As an estate agent with the majority of clients originally from outside of Spain, my role is more than just an ‘estate agent’. I provide a service to enable buyers to settle in the area taking them through many of the administrative processes that can baffle those new to Spain. For those wishing to sell, I am a popular point for new buyers as I have access to many selling portals that reach far and wide with a prominent shop presence in the capital of the Alpujarras, Orgiva.
Buying a home in Spain is often an unnerving experience because many wish to buy a property as an investment, a holiday home, or for a complete change of life. All of these require great care and attention to find exactly the right property.
Owing to my local contacts I often know which houses may be coming on the market in advance of advertising and I am familiar with potential new builds by local builders so can keep those using my service fully informed of all local developments, to make sure they do not miss any suitable opportunities.
It just takes an email or a visit to my agency in Orgiva to commence your chance to find the house that will change your life and offer you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful Alpujarras and a warm, friendly community.
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LIVE is a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals in real estate management, architecture, interior design and decoration. Our work process begins at a first appointment where we meet and listen to your needs. In a second phase we analyze the project and value the budget. Once the customer is satisfied, we draw a schedule appropriate to the needs of the deployment.
In the cultural field, for more than ten years we have been dedicated to the organization, design and assembly of exhibitions in public and private spaces, an activity that defines our most artistic facet.
If you need the help of professionals to sell your home, make a reform or a decoration project, or design a cultural space, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will contact you to give you the best coverage and put all our experience and professionalism at your service.
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Your private getaway in Andalusia!.
When you are on holiday you want everything to be perfect, you want time for yourself, friends and family and you want the house you live in to be a dream you'd love to come back to. All this is achievable in our wonderful houses and apartments on the Costa Tropical, Andalusia!.