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Real estate agencies in Sant Gervasi (Barcelona)

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Margarita Puig, consultant specialized in renting and selling flats, apartments, chalets and offices in the city of Barcelona. Its main mission is to serve its clientele with efficiency, seriousness and discretion. His work is based on professionalism and personalized attention: Knowing how to listen to the client to be able to achieve goals in a short time.
The same caller guides you step by step, whether you. E. Is a landlord or future tenant. The owner is informed at all times of the evolution of the management of his property.
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Technology and experience at your service in rental management. Fourth Floor is located in Barcelona and is made up of a qualified team of professionals in order to modernize the rental administration sector, making it accessible 365 days a year, transparent, agile, safe and economical.
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Are you looking for suitable fully equipped monthly rentals in Barcelona to rent? With My Space Barcelona, you've found the perfect partner to support you in the search for the ideal long-term apartment in Barcelona! We provide affordable and well-located apartments in Barcelona, prepared for long-term rentals. Our apartments are close to the best universities and clinics of Barcelona, such as:.
CLINICS AND HOSPITALS: Barraquer, Planas, Teknon, Dexeus, Quirón, Sagrada Familia, Vall d´Hebrón Hospital, Clinica IMO and Sant Pau Hospital.
Whether you come to Barcelona for professional reasons, a training program or a medical treatment, we offer several long term rental options in Barcelona. As we provide many different kinds of apartments in Barcelona (loft, studio, duplex and triplex apartments), there is something for everybody!.
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See our web http://www. Autocarta. Com for more buildings and properties. The company name: AUTOCARTA, arose from the desire to capture our main goal is to adapt the measure 'a la carte ' to the individual needs of each of our clients, allowing negotiate our fees for specific services they want by nuestraparte, can participate in the planning of our services, including consulting anivel, as a 'self- service', so we use the término'auto ', all aimed at the quality we want to offer over other companies in the sectorClarity is one of our main modus operandi, which is why we publish the standard fees for our services in our corporate website, which you are currently navigating, but nevertheless these fees are approximate, because as noted in the previous section, adaptability is another of our inner values ​​, and we want to meet the individual needs of each customer by modifying these proposed fees to the reality of each of them, and the contracted service. Http://www. Autocarta. Com visit our website to see our entire real estate portfolio.
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Real Estate founded in 1978, REARTH´S INVESTMENTS has resources, expertise and contacts enough to sell or develop their property or business and sufficient contacts for the sale of your property or business, achieving profitability or credit and business development.
REARTH´S INVESTMENTS Because whatever your need, we are fully INSURANCE CAN HELP.
Seriousness and rigor: Whether you are individual or business, if you want to sell, buy, rent, invest, reform, legalize or manage, please contact us, we will give you personalized advice seriously and rigorously developing an effective approach for your needs.
REARTH´S Benefits.
Extensive network of commercial agents at the local, regional, national and international.
Great portfolio of supply and demand.
Continuous and thorough training of our agents.
High Performance Business.
Portfolio of clients with safe hiring.
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We have a high quality portfolio of excellent properties in the best areas of Barcelona.
We believe in the paradise of our own homes. And our team is here to help you find your own paradise.
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- Number 1 in growth: With the opening of one new agency every 3 days.
- Number 1 Properties of banks: With more than 100,000 properties from banks and financial institutions.
- Part 1 in Funding: Thousands of properties with mortgages guaranteed 100% to 110% mortgages, interest rates and lower monthly payments market, etc.
- Number 1 in Volume: Thousands of properties with more than 50% discount and up to 80% of the advertised price.